Doubt Doesn’t Mean Don’t Do It

Episode Summary: Even powerful and successful women doubt themselves at times. Doubt has also become a common thread with women in my community. Sometimes, we think that people who are successful [...]

Rachel Luna: Built to Survive

About our Guest Rachel Luna is a good friend of mine and an entrepreneur, master confidence coach, speaker, author, podcaster, and a woman who tells it like it is. She helps women and ultra [...]


Car Buying Rules of the Financially Savvy

Car Buying Rules of the Financially Savvy This post is sponsored by Capital One. All thoughts and opinions are my own. How does the average person describe their car-buying experience? [...]

Sarita Maybin: Ask for What You Want

About our Guest Sarita Maybin is an international speaker and communications expert. She has worked with clients like Hewlett Packard, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles County, Department of Navy [...]

Mattie James: The Responsibility of Influence

About our Guest Mattie James began blogging about her favorite products and outfits in 2008. Five years later in 2010, blogging became her full-time job. In 2017, she began her Mattie James blog [...]