“Lucky” Is An Insult

I was up at 2 am to record this episode because I felt a strong tug that this needed to be addressed. I’ve noticed a mindset from some in my audience I wanted to speak to today in the hopes that [...]

Kelly Cardenas: Living By the “98/2 Rule”

How many people have you known in the world that were really smart, had so many degrees and certificates, but were broke and unsuccessful? That’s because knowledge isn’t everything. Sure, an [...]

Tim Storey: Resilience is Your Birthright

I wanted to mix things up this week. I feel like I tend to cater to the women in business (I wonder why 🙂 ). Given that this weekend is Father’s Day, I’m going to dive into some topics that will [...]

Faith Cannot Be Your Financial Crutch

There’s one thing that truly breaks my heart – and that’s when people use their faith as a crutch. I’m going to get real with you today, and it may turn you off. That’s ok. Maybe you’re not [...]