“Lucky” Is An Insult

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I was up at 2 am to record this episode because I felt a strong tug that this needed to be addressed.

I’ve noticed a mindset from some in my audience I wanted to speak to today in the hopes that we can have an honest conversation and create a powerful shift. I’m not here to scold anyone, or attack anyone. I just want to help you overcome a challenge you may not even realize you are having.

A lot of people fall into a victim mentality because they use a word they think is harmless: luck.

When you look at someone’s accomplishments, you might consider them lucky. They were lucky they got that TV deal, they were lucky to have those friends, lucky to get the job.

What you see is the final polished result. You don’t see all of the hard work, or even years of effort that comes into their success.

The definition of luck is: Success or failure, apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

So when you say someone is lucky, you are saying they didn’t do anything to get where they are. That’s a bit insulting, don’t you think? How would you feel if someone said you don’t really deserve whatever measure of success or happiness you currently enjoy?

Not only that, but it put you in the mindset that you have to be lucky to get anywhere. That your dreams will just fall out of the sky, and if they don’t it wasn’t meant to be.

It encourages being lazy. It encourages you to not take action.

The truth is, you need to do the exact opposite. You can’t count on simply being lucky, because no one is lucky.

If you try to count on luck to be a success, you’re just going to waste away the God-given gifts you’re supposed to be exploring and unpacking as apart of your unique journey.

This is such a passionate topic for me, so I decided to devote an entire episode to it and I hope you enjoy!

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The Cliff Notes:

  • Make sure your space is peaceful and energizes you.
  • Your space will set the tone and mood of your day.
  • A bad mindset can keep you trapped.
  • Have a supportive mindset and you’ll create relationships that matter.
  • Don’t make other people feel bad about their pricing, it gives you something to aspire to.
  • Avoid the word “lucky”.
  • There’s often a lot more work put into something than you see.
  • Know the value of what you’ve done, and who you have become.
  • Be committed to your vision, not to how you get there.
  • Comparing yourself to others will make you bitter and stagnant.
  • The success of a marriage is not luck.
  • Stay in a state of preparation to obtain what you really want.
  • What does someone else’s luck have to do with you?
  • Focus on your belief in yourself as opposed to other people.
  • Not everyone needs to love you for you to be successful.
  • Get out of the “woe is me” spirit.
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  • Sherry Trotter

    GREAT Podcast! Thank you for making the sacrifice and effort to get up at 2am to do this podcast! I literally was JUST telling someone yesterday how I HATE the word “luck” and refuse to use it in my vocabulary. And here it is you release this awesome and timely podcast! THANK YOU!!! I definitely plan to stop by http://www.PeaceByPatrice.com to get a candle! =) Much continued success to you Patrice!

  • Sharlisse Rashied

    This was an amazing Podcast. I almost screamed at work when you said “Googling apartments”. That was REAL and Dont make yourself bitter over some one else’s Blessings is priceless. Always a fan happy about your success and I am LOVING ALL of the podcast. I bought Boss Bride and just finished it. It was an awesome book. Thank you for simply being you.

  • Frank P

    Good episode!

  • Tiffany Tatum

    Always lost for words at the end of most episodes. I never think you can top yourself and your never fail to prove me wrong. This one here had me in tears. Blessed not lucky and God blesses my efforts because you know my heart. Patrice, you have been a blessing in my life since I first started listening to you. I thank God for your ministry because that’s exactly what this is. I continue to pray that God pour out blessings over you so much so you don’t have room enough to receive.

  • Stephanie D. Barnes

    This was a great message. So many times we discount our own accomplishments by comparing ourselves to others. I believe that “Comparison is the thief of joy.” When we see someone else achieving at a level that we desire and call them “lucky,” we are revealing our lack of belief in ourselves–that the only way that someone could possibly achieve is because of luck rather than tapping into the same resources we have. Thank you for yanking our spirit to really explore how and why we compare ourselves to other. I have learned to retrain my mind to say that if God gave them the favor to achieve X, imagine what He can do for me!

  • Travis Levius

    say. that.

    I’m so tired of hearing the ‘oh you’re so lucky’ line from people, when I put the work in and had the *courage* to pursue my dreams. Great message!

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