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Faith Cannot Be Your Financial Crutch

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There’s one thing that truly breaks my heart – and that’s when people use their faith as a crutch.

I’m going to get real with you today, and it may turn you off. That’s ok. Maybe you’re not ready to hear this, but I know a lot of people listening are.

You need to stop relying solely on your beliefs to get you out of your financial problems as if you have no power to do better.

If you dig yourself into a hole, that’s your responsibility – not God’s.

The Lord helps those who help themselves.

I’m not saying God won’t help you at all, but I am saying you can’t expect a pile of money to fall from the sky and suddenly all of your financial burdens will be over.

Right now, I’m reminded of a joke I heard before:

There was a flood, and a woman got caught up in it. As the waters pushed her down a river bank, she was able to grab onto a tree and use all her might to keep from being dragged along.

She prayed to the Lord, “Jesus, please save me. I don’t want to die here today.” She was overwhelmed with a spiritual feeling and knew that Jesus would come save her.

After a few moments a helicopter came and flew up to her.

She told them to go away and said “I don’t need your help. Jesus is going to save me!”

The helicopter left, and eventually the woman lost her strength. The water took her away and she drowned.

When she got up to heaven she sees Jesus, and asked him, “Jesus, why didn’t you save me?”

Jesus looked at her and said, “I sent you a helicopter. What more did you want?”

The point is that if God does send you a miracle, it may be in the form of fellow man. That means you should always seek out guidance and help from others.

Don’t wait until you’re drowning in your finances to seek help. Never be afraid to find a financial advisor.

And if you are starting to drown, grab that help right now.

In the end, it’s only you who can change your financial situation. God gave you the free will to be in charge of your own numbers.

Do you want to make him proud?

On this episode of the Redefining Wealth Podcast, I wanted to dive into the importance of self accountability and your personal finances. So download this episode today to learn how you can stop using your faith as a crutch, and be a better steward of your finances.

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3 Ways You Can Take Control of Your Finances

Know Your Numbers
Accept Help When Needed
Nurture What You Do Know

The Cliff Notes:

People are not always ready to hear certain information.
Faith can be interpreted to glorify being broke.
There is a personal responsibility that comes with personal finance.
Anything used as a temporary, and oftentimes inappropriate support or substitute is a crutch.
Plenty of able bodied people use faith as a financial crutch.
It’s an insult to spend money you don’t have, then pray for your bills to be paid.
You have to know what goes in and what comes out.
Open your Excel sheet, don’t call on the Lord!
Praying doesn’t mean set it and forget it.
Miracles can come from man.
It’s our responsibility to give God something to bless.
Don’t be afraid to sit down with professionals and bare it all.
It’s never too soon to get a financial advisor.
Who do you need on your team right now?
All of the things that you don’t know about money are just stories you’ve told yourself.
Change the way you speak, and it will change your life.
Do NOT let your faith be a crutch.
Give God something to bless.

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