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Have you ever had an idea or a dream that you thought was so great, you couldn’t keep it off your mind? Then you went to share it with someone you really care about, and they didn’t see what you see?

Did it crush you? Make you doubt yourself? Stop your vision right in its tracks?

I know you’ve been there. We all have.

But you can’t let other people hold you back from your vision. It’s YOUR vision, not theirs. You can’t expect others to support everything you do.

And you can’t expect to live your life by pleasing others. If I lived my life the way my father saw it, I would be a lawyer right now. Maybe successfully, but I highly doubt fulfilled.

I respect those who do that kind of work, but that’s not me.

Live life for you, because it’s your life.

If you feel like you’re being pulled toward something. If it’s all you can think about, and you feel excited to do it when you wake up in the morning – that’s all you need.

The only confirmation and validation you need comes from within you.

I understand you can’t do it alone, and you will need coaches or mentors to help. So surround yourself with people who do support your vision, but accept that not everyone will.

It’s ok. They have their own vision, and it probably doesn’t align with yours.

On this episode of the Redefining Wealth Podcast, I wanted to dive further into why you don’t need validation from others.

There are plenty of great people who didn’t get validation. In fact, the greatest people often were shot down early on in their careers.

And what made them great is that they didn’t stop. They pushed forward with their vision, because they knew the world needed it despite the naysayers.

So download this episode to learn how you can let go of that need for validation, and chase your purpose with the support of the only person that matters – you.

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The Cliff Notes:

Validation is for parking, not dreams.
Don’t let other people add fire to your fears.
The responsibility to carry a vision relies on you and you alone.
It’s hard to explain an empire state of mind to someone with an employee state of mind.
You can’t expect everyone to see and cheer on your vision.
If you feel called to do it, your calling is your confirmation.
Some people let their fears get in the way of your dreams.
You can’t expect other people to have the capacity to hold your vision for you.
Most people can barely hold on to their own vision.
If everyone around you had the same vision, there would be too much competition.
When someone disagrees with your vision, thank them for sharing and move on to new resources.
All ideas need some work, so be flexible.
Give yourself permission to let go of any validation you think you needed.

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