Grace + Ease: The Two Words I’m Adding to Every Goal This Year

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How many times have you got excited about something, then you felt too overwhelmed to even start? Maybe you thought it was too complicated, or that there were too many steps?

Most of the time we don’t achieve our goals because we talk ourselves out of them just as fast as we talked ourselves into them.

If you want to be successful, don’t make it complicated in your head – because it’s really not.

Let’s take this podcast for example. It started with an idea I was excited about. When I started thinking about how much work it was, it was overwhelming. I had to buy a microphone, I had to get software to record, I had to get it edited, find music for it, figure out how to get it published, where to get it published, get it on my website, etc.

It was easy to feel like I was trying to move a mountain, but I hired a coach (THANKS, VERNON ROSS!) and found it wasn’t really that hard. I just had to get started and the truth is when the ball is rolling it’s easier to move.

You just need to get started.

On this episode of Redefining Wealth, we discuss the ways we make things harder than necessary, and we find excuses not to commit.

Download this episode now and learn how you can overcome your excuses, and make your goals easier (and more fun) than binge watching Netflix.

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The Cliff Notes:

Sometimes we hold ourselves back because we worry about the stress and burden our goals will bring.
Don’t talk yourself out of that million dollar idea.
Take your dream and simplify it down to something you can tackle one piece at a time.
Grace is the condition or fact of being favored.
Ease is the absence of difficulty or effort.
Nothing has meaning except for the meaning we attach to it.
Don’t give yourself all year to get things done.
Master fewer things as opposed to giving minimal effort to many things.
You have the resources to get to where you want to go – now.
Don’t be afraid to weed out people that aren’t a fit for you.

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  • Alicia

    Thanking God for this podcast – on time and on point! My word this year is Patience, the patience to get things done with grace and ease knowing God will make a way no matter the challenge or circumstance. Thank you Patrice for all that you are doing as you continue to be a blessing of encouragement and an impact to change for women of all ages.

  • Tanya Barnett

    This was so on time as I was about to send out a newsletter offering brand new services. I was so nervous but your podcast, Grace and Ease gave me the courage to do it.

  • HEHV .D

    I adopted Grace and Ease. Thank you

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