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Rewind: People Want to Support You

Are you taking “how you show up in the world” for granted, especially when it’s time to get the support you desire?

Are you clear on how people can support you?

Are you praying for support, but then too prideful to vocalize you need help?

Are you allowing your irrational fears to turn you into an irresponsible steward?

If you’re nodding your head YES right now, I want you to know this:

There are people out there who want to support you, but they don’t understand how to do so.

Let’s take me, for example. Whenever people would ask what I needed, I’d respond with a generic answer or entirely turn down the offer of help. Now, that wasn’t because I didn’t need or want support.

You see, I was turning people away because I’d never taken the time to sit down and draft how people could support me.

Then it hit me … what if God wants to answer our silent prayers, but He’s waiting on us to use our voice and say we need help?

And what if our irrational fears are making us irresponsible stewards of the gifts He has blessed us with?

That’s profound, right? Well, in today’s episode, I go even deeper as I tackle each of these questions and unpack how I’ve addressed them. I’ll also explore the importance of shifting “how you show up in the world” so you get the support you want and need.

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People Want to Support Your Takeaways

  • Don’t block people’s blessings. – Patrice Washington
  • Stop sliding into people’s DMs on Instagram and talking about what you need. Instead, ask how you can support them. – Patrice Washington
  • When someone asks how they can support you are you prepared to answer honestly? – Patrice Washington
  • Pride comes before the fall. – Book of Proverbs 16:18 KJV
  • What I think is noble can quickly become irresponsible if it’s not kept in check. – Patrice Washington
  • How are your irrational fears making you an irresponsible steward? – Patrice Washington
  • What if God wants to answer our silent prayers, but He’s waiting on us to use our voice and actually say we need help first? – Patrice Washington

Are you taking yourself for granted? Are you unclear on how people can support you? Are you secretly praying for help, but too prideful to vocalize what you need? Are you allowing your irrational fears make you an irresponsible steward? Let us know in the comments below.


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