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Garrain Jones: Your Life Has to Match

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About our Guest

Garrain Jones has overcome crazy obstacles. In spite of everything, he learned a new approach that helped him build an amazing life full of abundance. The knowledge that he has gained his sent him down the pathway of becoming a transformation coach. This work has given him the ability to reach into a person’s core and find their greatness.

He helps empower them to discover it and produce amazing results in their own lives.  He is a serial entrepreneur who motivates and inspires thousands of people across the globe and his mantra shares the title of his forthcoming book, Change Your Mindset Change Your Life.

Episode Summary:

Garrain went through some rough times in his life and it wasn’t until he reached rock bottom and decided to change everything that he was able to have a complete transformation. He shares how the catalyst of this event was an encounter with a homeless man who shared life changing wisdom with him that he has never forgotten. Garrain shares how we all have the ability to change our lives and the lives of others if we lead by example with our words actually matching our results.

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  • Garrain came from a background of scarcity until he decided to focus on what he actually wanted.
  • Seven years ago, a homeless man spoke these life-changing words to Garrain. Change Your Mindset Change Your Life.
  • Garrain began surrendering and doing the opposite of everything he was accustomed to. He noticed that this created different results.  
  • He discovered that what he was actually doing was unlearning the negative thoughts that he grew up with.
  • By taking care of your health, you are also taking care of other areas in your life. Everything we do affects everything else.
  • There are different ways to look at situations. We get a choice of what we do and don’t have to keep repeating the same mistakes.
  • Take responsibility and ownership of your own life.
  • Your family can actually be the test or challenge that you need to get through before you progress to the next level.

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Quotes from the show:

“You can’t change what you’re not aware of.” – Garrain Jones

“When you don’t know how you got to a certain place, there’s no way to free yourself.” – Garrain Jones

“Whatever you focus on is what keeps showing up in your life.” – Garrain Jones

“Change your mindset, change your life.” – Garrain Jones

“When I allowed myself to surrender and look at life a different way, different results began to happen.” – Garrain Jones

“I was being trained to unlearn the domestication of my childhood.” – Garrain Jones

“You can be doomed to have a grave before you even physically die.” – Garrain Jones

“You don’t know how bad you feel until you start feeling better than you’ve ever felt.” – Garrain Jones

“There’s no way you can be happy if your heart isn’t healthy.” – Garrain Jones

“You don’t have to force people. They will see themselves in your freedom.” – Garrain Jones

“You can’t open people up to this level of possibility and then leave them hanging.” – Patrice Washington

“If you have a vision for your life, it’s your number one responsibility to protect the vessel.” – Patrice Washington

“Doing something consistently and getting the result is much better than nagging people.” – Patrice Washington

Garrain’s Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions

Define Success:

Peace of mind.

Define Wealth in 3 Words or Less:

Doing what I love. Inner child love.

One Book that Has Redefined How You See Wealth:

The Power of Positive Thinking

Fill-in the Blanks… “My name is ___ and the truth about wealth is ___”:

“My name is Garrain Jones and the truth about wealth is the ultimate, genuine, deepest reach of my heart happiness.”  


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