Mikki Taylor: You Can Keep Your Makeover

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This week we’re continuing the You Deserve More series in acknowledgment of Women’s Equal Pay Day. Each year, I lead thousands of women through 20 principles that help them use their God-given gifts to earn more money. (Learn more at iwillearnmore.com)

Today, I see so many people doing things just for the attention.

Women dress the part they think others want to see. They do the make over to try and make everyone else happy.

How many times have you seen Instagram posts of someone getting all dolled up, but they had nowhere to go?

When you really connect with these people, they are empty. They are uncomfortable, and in the end people just walk all over them.

You need to be you.

Be unapologetically you.

Wear the things you want to wear, not what you think you should wear. If you like bright colors, wear it with pride.

Having that confidence to be true to yourself will show the world you respect yourself. Then, when they see that they will show you more respect.

Whether we like it or not, people judge from a first glance. If they look at you as someone who tries to please everyone they know they can walk all over you.

If they look at you and see the only person you are trying to please is yourself, they’ll want to please you as well.

For this episode of the Redefining Wealth Podcast I brought on a truly wonderful expert who knows about proving your value through your actions and your wardrobe: Mikki Taylor.

Mikki is a popular writer, motivational speaker and TV personality. She’s known as the country’s leading authority on beauty and style for women-of-color.

She’s also a media veteran for more than three decades. Mikki is Editor-at-Large at ESSENCE Magazine, and the president of Mikki Taylor Enterprises, LLC, a strategic branding, consulting and communications company.

She took the time to discuss powerful knowledge from her new book, Editor in Chic. Be ready for this one, because she throws out so much wisdom you’ll need to listen to this episode multiple times.

Download this episode today to learn how you can stay true to yourself and be treated the way you deserve.

“Why live in the shadow of who you are meant to be when you can be the real thing?” - @IAmMikkiTaylor Click To Tweet

The Cliff Notes:

  • Stop living the dress rehearsal life.
  • You have to acknowledge everything you bring to the table.
  • Address people by their name.
  • Use manners and say please and thank you.
  • Technology has changed our language.
  • How will we teach if we don’t demonstrate our values?
  • You antenna should go up when you’ve been asked to compromise who you are.
  • If you don’t own it, you have to practice it.
  • Real change always stems from within
  • When people hate on us, it’s a plea for help.
  • Faith is nothing if it’s not defining your life.
  • You don’t want to just go through, you want to grow through.
  • Queens don’t belong on well-being welfare.
  • You have the choice to treat your body like a temple or a trailer park.
  • You don’t need anyone to tell you what you need – listen within.
  • When you don’t take care of yourself, you’re teaching people how to treat you.
  • Have an unapologetic view of who you are.a
  • Dress to entertain yourself and not the world at large.
“Your life should demonstrate you know who you are.” - @IAmMikkiTaylor Click To Tweet


Editor in Chic by Mikki Taylor

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  • Tracye Mosley

    I love Redefining Wealth Podcast. I take away something to implement in my own life from every episode. However, this episode was everything!!!!!! Ms. Mikki Taylor dropped so many nuggets of wisdom. I have listened to this episode at least twice already and I will definitely purchase her book. Great interview Patrice!

    • Patrice Cunningham Washington

      Tracye, I know exactly what you’re saying! I was literally emotional by the end of interviewing her. I felt SO moved by her wisdom. Thanks for listening!

  • Dawn Stallworth

    So much wealth here in this podcast. I love the phrase not to neglect your genesis story by being an imposter in your life (my phrasing) but I got the speaker essence of what was said. So so good! Boom Patrice and Mikki!

    • Patrice Cunningham Washington

      Girl, neglecting your genesis story tried to take me out! Too yummy!

  • Jacquana Hughes

    I really enjoy all the daily podcast. Today really gave me hope ans steps to better myself. I really was inspired by Ms. Taylor today; especially when she talk being quiet and still; and welfare well-being
    She gave a lot of Awwha moments today! You are a true inspiration to all women and I thank you for sharing your gift to others!

    • Patrice Cunningham Washington

      Thanks for stopping by and tuning in, Jacquana! So much goodness happens in the stillness. 😉

  • LaKitia Woodard

    SIS you almost had me in tears stating you hope Reagan speaks about you the way Mikki speaks about her mom. Let me say that I know she will because you’ve been such a blessing in my life as a supporter from miles away. So your daughter who gets you 24/7 will definitely adore you and speak nothing but excellence when she speaks about you. Let me also say that this episode in particular has confirmed for me, again, the importance of my business. OMG! When I have those times of doubt because running a business is emotionally challenging I’m going to listen to this podcast again. My gifts are not just for me but for the women I am to inspire the way you and Ms. Mikki has inspired me. Thank you love you!

    • Patrice Cunningham Washington

      Awwwww, love you too, LaKitia! I was choking up just sharing that with her because I meant it from the bottom of my heart. . . Just this morning my daughter was saying how easy I am to talk to and she loves that I give her examples, but let her make her own decisions. Her ability to process the world blows my mind and I’m just thankful to have women like Mikki and YOU to keep me going. 🙂

  • ABaker

    The podcast with Ms. Mikki Taylor was invaluable. I’m so grateful that my friend put me on to this podcast. It is a jewel.

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