Brooke Thomas: Bring It To The Surface

Have you ever thought, I’m sweeping too much of who I am under the rug so that other people will like me or continue to like me? As a people pleaser through and through, you want to be loved, to [...]

Tai Beauchamp: You Are Beyond Ready

I see your superwoman cape flapping in the wind, but let me ask you this: Are you tired of “doing the most” and still NOT seeing the results YOU truly desire? If your answer is YESSS, then it’s [...]

Christine Hassler: Give Yourself Permission to Feel

This week’s episode is brought to you by Holistic Healing with Amy. To learn more about Tower Gardens, Juice Plus and ACT = Accelerated Change Template for pinpointing mindset blocks and clearing [...]

Elijah Frazier: You Can Turn This Around

Elijah Frazier is an inspiration. At one point in his life things weren’t going his way even though he changed the people around him and geographical areas. He finally came to the realization [...]


Dr. Nicole B. Washington: Functioning Doesn’t Mean Fulfilled

] Dr. Nicole B. Washington is a board certified psychiatrist, speaker, author, and consultant. She helps high functioning individuals get help with issues around mental health. A large area of [...]