Dr. Nicole B. Washington: Functioning Doesn’t Mean Fulfilled

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Dr. Nicole B. Washington is a board certified psychiatrist, speaker, author, and consultant. She helps high functioning individuals get help with issues around mental health. A large area of her focus is on physician mental health and dealing with the stigma around mental illness. She is the chief medical officer of Elocin Psychiatric Services and is passionate about corporate mental health. Dr. Nicole is the host of The C-Suite Confidant Podcast and the author of From Introspection to Action: The High-Level Professional’s 28 Day Journey to Improving Mental Health.

Episode Summary:

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I am so glad to have Dr. Nicole B. Washington here to talk about how we all need to be conscious of our mental health and not be afraid to seek help when we need it. We unpack how and why high functioning individuals put so much stress on themselves and what to do about it, as well as, why you must give yourself permission to be broken and not put arbitrary rules on yourself. Dr. Nicole shares tips for focusing on the positive, celebrating achievements and what true self care routines look like.


  • After experiencing panic issues, Dr. Nicole realized that physicians and high functioning individuals didn’t always have places to go to for help.
  • Don’t hold yourself to unreasonably high standards and give yourself permission to be broken.
  • It’s important to pause and celebrate yourself and your achievements.
  • Be intentional about your focus and focus on the positive not the negative. Practicing gratitude can help with this.
  • Create a brag folder to remind yourself of the great things you have done and who you really are.
  • Don’t impose “should of” rules on yourself and make yourself feel guilty.
  • Self care is important. Do something special for yourself once a week and something more special monthly. Get sleep and outsource.

Quotes from the show:

“You have to take time for you, because if you let yourself die or let your job kill you, your position will be posted before your funeral even happens.” – Dr. Nicole B. Washington

“None of us can have it all together all the time.” – Dr. Nicole B. Washington

“I can’t do everything. I’m not superhuman. I’m just a person.” – Dr. Nicole B. Washington

“It’s important to foster being driven, but also important to teach our kids how to rein that in.” – Dr. Nicole B. Washington

“Be purposely intentional about focusing on the positive.” – Dr. Nicole B. Washington

“Let it out and let it go. The key is not to hold on to that negative thing.” – Dr. Nicole B. Washington

“Imposter syndrome is along the lines of not feeling that you’re good enough or that you deserve to be on that same level as others.” – Dr. Nicole B. Washington

“Just because I can does not mean I should.” – Dr. Nicole B. Washington

Dr. Nicole’s Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions

Define Success:

I think success is defined as whatever goal you reach that keeps you fulfilled. Success is always changing. What I define today may be totally different a year from now, because I’m evolving and changing all the time. Set your goals. When you are fulfilled with where you are, you’ve reached success..

Define Wealth in 3 Words or Less:

Family, faith, and love.

One Book that Has Redefined How You See Wealth:

Think Your Way to Wealth

Fill-in the Blanks… “My name is ___ and the truth about wealth is ___”:

“My name is Nicole Washington and the truth about wealth is that it is not defined by finances.”


Nicole B. Washington, D.O., MPH on LinkedIn

From Introspection to Action: The High-Level Professional’s 28 Day Journey to Improving Mental Health

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Dr. Nicole B. Washington

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