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November 2017

How to Walk in Expectancy

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“Walking in expectation is about trusting and believing things are working together for my good.”” username=”seekwisdompcw”] Do

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Gratitude, Giving + Genuine Abundance

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“What do you get to be grateful for today?” username=”seekwisdompcw”] Do you feel like things just aren’t

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Finish Strong: Determine What’s Important Now

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“Intentions without a sound strategy is just wishful thinking”” username=”seekwisdompcw”] How many times have you said to

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Latham Thomas: The Necessity of Sacred Spaces

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“You have to cultivate within what you are asking for.” – Latham Thomas” username=”seekwisdompcw”] Do you ever

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