How to Walk in Expectancy

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Do you have expectations that don’t work out exactly how you want? Do you feel like you spend all of your energy trying to make things perfect and exactly how you visioned them, only to be disappointed with life? Maybe it’s time for you to stop living in expectations and start learning to walk in expectancy.

Many people think that having expectations is the same thing as expectancy, but it’s really not. Expectations are about hoping everything goes exactly the way you wanted it to from beginning to end.

Walking in expectancy is about heading to your destination, and trusting everything will work out for the greater good. You don’t need the perfect plan to get started, in fact that will just cause you to delay a failure as you try to map out your destination.

Instead get moving, learn along the way, and trust that everyone and everything around you will help guide you to your goals. If you try to force your expectations to happen, you may inadvertently be heading in the wrong direction or missing out on lessons you need to learn along the way.

Trust in the journey.

On this episode of redefining wealth I dive further into the pillar of faith, and explain how you too can walk with expectancy.

Download this episode today to learn how you can give up your expectations to live an all around happier life and get to places you didn’t even know were possible.

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The Cliff Notes:

Faith is an important pillar about believing in something greater.
Most people assume expectations and expectancy are the same thing.
We believe having your finances in order means chasing money.
Expectations are what we hope for.
What we look forward to is not always what we get.
Sometimes we set the bar too high, sometimes we set them too low.
Trying to do what you want by any means necessary can put your energy in the wrong places.
Expectancy enhances our expectations.
It’s about expecting all things will work out for your good.
You have to take action if you want something to happen.
If you want to be writer, you have to write. If you want to be an investor you have to invest.
There’s not much we control except ourselves, our attitude, and our abilities.
Walking in expectancy means confidently looking for favor at every turn.
Our conversations should reflect victory – not victimhood.

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  • Natalie

    This was awesome. This time of year it can be very distracting and for the most part in a great way for spending time with loved ones but, I clicked today for the first time to listen to your podcast and I know I did the right thing. My takeaway is to start. If I am not actively pursuing my goals the blessings are in pending status. I started reevaluating myself and trying to find back my passion and while I may not be there yet, I know it’s on the horizon. Thanks so much.

    • Patrice Cunningham Washington

      SO wonderful to hear that, Natalie! “My blessings are in pending status.” That’s profound. Keep tuning in! 🙂

  • Venise Vinegar

    My vision of my adult life was to be married to my high school crush! Thank God that did not happen and I have new visions and dreams I’m diligently working on making come true. I am not where I thought I would be, but I’m excited about where I am going!

    I have learned to embrace all of the setbacks and course corrections that have occurred thus far and my life’s vision has not been destroyed. My faith has taught me that there is something greater guiding me every step of my way and that everything will happen as it should. I am happily and positively committed to my vision, but not attached to how I get there. I am in alignment with my actions. I confidently walk in a spirit of expectancy to move my life, career, finances, relationships, etc. in a positive direction to meet my realistic expectations. I know God sees what I’m working on and that all is happening for me, not to me to get me there. I just need to show up, no matter what! Thanks Patrice! Heading out to my meditation / gratitude walk and talk with God. I will be walking (confidently) in expectancy!

    • Patrice Cunningham Washington

      LOVE IT, Venise!!!!!!!!

  • Arlicia Jones

    I️ listened omw to work this AM (12/1/17). This truly blessed me Patrice. All the shoulda, coulda, wouldas LOL girl, you hit it on the head. It’s time to start living in expectancy and stop allowing my expectation of what i think should happen stop me from being my best self. Fear of things not working out how I️ envision them definitely has paralyzed me; no more I️ say. Continue speaking your truth, your podcast are always on time when I’m feeling like I’m in a rut. It’s like you sense me or tons of others going through exactly what you’re speaking on at that current moment. God Bless you Patrice and continue chasing purpose! ~ Arlicia

  • monica

    This hit home for me. I needed to hear this message exactly in the way you delivered it. I don’t want to hear that I’m controlling. But listening to the difference between expectations and expectancy, I Know that I definitely am. I have to start walking in expectancy and stop saying one of the phrases you mentioned “it sure would be nice”. Now when I hear you say it, it definitely sounds like a statement of defeat. Will listen to this over again.

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