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Malene Rix: You Get What You Negotiate

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Most people have a really hard time negotiating. In fact, a lot of people give up before they even try.

I can understand why, especially if you’re a woman. Our society, sadly, still doesn’t respect and accept a woman negotiating on her own behalf.

There is hope, though! You can make negotiations much easier on yourself and the other party in a few simple ways.

The first way is to show your value every day. That doesn’t mean brag, show off, or be annoying. It just means strategically share and plant the seeds of your results and show your worth on an ongoing basis.

These little success stories will make it easier to negotiate later on, and the person you are negotiating with will be more likely to say “Yes!” with way less convincing.

Secondly, you need to believe in it. Your whole heart needs to be in the fact that you are valuable enough to get what you want and that there is real value in the results you bring.

The energy you create from the excitement about what you are bringing to the table will make a huge impact.

The last thing I’ll discuss here (and if you want a lot more insight, you better download this episode) is that you can’t be afraid of the “No.” Nos will come. It’s apart of the game of negotiation. Accept it, be ready for it, but set your heart in the yes.

To dive deeper into the power of negotiating, and the best ways to get what you want out of the, I have a very special guest: Malene Rix

Melane has worked as a negotiation advisor and trainer for the past 15 years.

She’s based in Copenhagen, Denmark and she’s worked with a huge number of both private and public sector clients ranging from ministries, municipalities, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the EU Commission to global corporations and management associations and unions.

Her focus has been on advising and teaching many different types of professionals, both employees and management.

Download this episode today, because you never know when you’ll have to negotiate next.

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The Cliff Notes:

The more you have a personal connection to what you are negotiating for, the more vulnerable you are.
If there wasn’t a no, there wouldn’t be a negotiation. There would just be an agreement.
It’s ok to be worried about negotiating.
Promote your worth on a daily basis.
There’s a price tag associated with your shine.
Make sure you show your results to help plant the seeds.
You have to make it as easy as possible for someone to give you what you want.
Both parties need to get something positive out of a negotiation.
In negotiation, we all have a need to get something.
You need to rediscover who you are.
Start small if you’re not sure about the direction of your reinvention.
You can’t think your way to a better life, you need to go test things.
When you start to change, people will react.
Being valuable in your own eyes will make others see the value in you.
You have to be prepared to fail.

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