EP 5 : How to Say No Quickly & Gracefully

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I’m a recovering people pleaser.

To be honest, I used to literally feel hurt or guilty about telling people ‘No’, especially if I actually had time to do whatever it is they were asking of me. Declining someone’s invitation made me feel like I was being mean.

I eventually learned, however, that putting my priorities first and doing what I wanted to do with my free time is another form of self-care. So now I say ‘no’ unapologetically.

I’m helping you do the same in today’s video: How to Say No Quickly and Gracefully.

Now I have a question for you:

Are you guilty of not saying NO as often as you should or you want to?

Which of the five steps has been a struggle for you? What are you committed to adding to your process now that you’ve heard mine?

We need to hear from you in the comments below.

  • Linda Mensah

    I do not have challenges saying NO. I have been saying NO for awhile now. However, sometime when I receive an offer it all depend on my situation.

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