Ask Patrice Anything: Earn More Money Edition

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The last time I took questions from you guys I had such an overwhelming response!

I felt it was hard to choose questions to answer, and I saw a common theme that I wasn’t able to address last time: earning more money.

Cutting coupons and pinching pennies might help a little, but it will never make you a millionaire.

In the amount of time you spend clipping out vouchers just to save $50 you probably could have used your passion and purpose to make $500.

Since I know what it’s like to go from rags to riches multiple times in my life, I wanted to give you some advice from what I’ve learned along the way.

I hand picked some of the best questions about earning more money for this episode, ranging from finding a financial advisor, to starting a podcast, to becoming a speaker and so much more.

Download this episode to learn how you stop budgeting and start earning.

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Questions You Asked:

When should I start working with a financial advisor? ([4:40])
What is your opinion on virtual mentors? ([8:25])
How do I get started doing my own podcast? ([13:20])
How can I sell my self published book? ([20:05])
What routes can I take to become a speaker? ([26:05])
How did you scale your business so you could serve more fully? ([29:55])
How do you incorporate self compassion? ([35:40])

The Cliff Notes:

Shift your mindset to focus on how you can earn more.
There’s no need to wait on a financial advisor.
It’s important to talk to someone who knows how to help you get to your goals.
You want to find a financial advisor you can have a personal relationship with.
Be willing to work with people virtually.
It’s not realistic to have a mentor you can talk to every day.
Don’t be distracted by a “coach’s” fame and material possessions.
For podcasting, quality is the most important thing.
You should, absolutely, have a website even if it’s just a hobby right now.
If you are self publishing, sometimes you just need a new marketing strategy.
Reach out to people and send out samples to people – it’s an investment.
You can’t think of yourself as just an author, you have to think of yourself as a marketer.
Don’t hold back from getting media coaching.
You need to create opportunities to speak.
There’s a difference between your clients and your audience.
Know what you need to say no to so you are clear on what to say yes to.
Self compassion is knowing when your grace has run out.
Recognize your weaknesses and when things aren’t going how you planned.
Be willing to be flexible and know the world will now end.
Be truthful with people – you don’t need to make excuses.

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    This was an outstanding and timely episode. Patrice, you really touched on some great points concerning balancing between customers and community. I’ve struggled with this recently and I love your approach of serving those who have made an investment in your first. I also love your point about giving yourself grace and to be ok with life happening and moving timelines as necessary. Some many other gems, but these stood out the most!

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