The Power of Mastery + Momentum

The doors to Mastery + Momentum are open for a bit longer, and I thought while we wait to start this amazing adventure it would be great to peel back the layers and share some key points with [...]

Lisa Bilyeu: How All In Are You Really?

How all-in are you when it comes to building the life you want? For many of us, we think we want something, but the truth is we aren’t willing to give up x, y or z to get there. Lisa Bilyeu knows [...]

Courage Molina: Life Can Get Uncomfortable

Have you ever struggled in your relationship with God? Have you been in a place where you have faith and a strong connection with God, but you’re also mad, disappointed or frustrated with Him? [...]


Life After Financial Loss

One of the questions someone recently asked me was: What would you do today if you had to rebuild your life after a financial loss? And it got me thinking back to 2009 and my devastating bathroom [...]