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July 2018

Vernon Ross: Answer the Call

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“There’s a space between where you are and where you want to be – no matter where

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The Blessing of Downsizing

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“You can’t maximize unless you are willing to go through a downsize.”” username=”seekwisdompcw”] One of the hardest

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Brittney Castro: When Life Happens

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“If you can’t surrender to the moment, surrender to the feelings that you have.” – @Brittneycastro” username=”seekwisdompcw”]

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Andromeda Raheem: The Anatomy of a Winner

[spp-player URL=”″] [bctt tweet=”“In life, you get what you give.” – Andromeda Raheem” username=”seekwisdompcw”] I don’t know about you, but

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