The Blessing of Downsizing

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One of the hardest things you can do in life is let go. No matter what it is, people or things, it can be a challenge to get it out of your life.

If you want to grow, however, you need to cut out what isn’t working. That’s why we prune trees, so they can grow bigger and healthier than ever before.

Cutting away the dead branches on a tree that doesn’t get sunlight anymore, allows the tree to use its energy to maximize its efforts.

That’s exactly what you need to do. Constantly re-evaluate what you have in your life. Our dreams and visions shift all the time; think about if the things you accumulated are really helping your new vision or not.

And it’s not just people or things that may be holding you back from growth, it might even be your mindset.

Think about how you look at things, maybe it was a mindset your parents taught you about the world. Is it really serving you, or should you start looking at things differently?

On this episode of Redefining Wealth I wanted to take a moment and share with you the transition I have been going through in my life.

I decided it was time to cut back in life so that I, and my family, can grow even larger than ever before.

We’ve been detoxing our lives, and I even had my husband come on to share his experiences throughout the process.

So download this episode today and learn what we all need to evaluate and trim out of our lives.

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3 Things You Need to Let Go Of:

  1. Items
  2. People
  3. Ways of thinking

The Cliff Notes:

  • Share when you are going through something, not just the mountaintop experience.
  • Sometimes you don’t realize your dreams aren’t what you really want until you get there.
  • Bigger is not always better.
  • We have to be willing to trim and cut back in order to grow.
  • Don’t make your decisions based on what other people will think.
  • Categorize what you really love.
  • The decluttering of your life will allow you to look at how much you don’t need.
  • People don’t fire you, you fire yourself.
  • Sometimes you don’t need to get rid of things, you also need to get rid of people.
  • Realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated that you don’t need.
  • There’s a balance in managing where you are now and where you dream of being.
  • Re-evaluate your priorities as your dreams shift.
  • Prepare yourself to be the best version of yourself so you can hold your vision.
  • Downsizing is really an opportunity to maximize.
  • Create a plan and go hard on it.
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  • LSMBBiznessSolutions

    There were so many takeaways
    1) I love the interviews with the two of you. Your playfulness and transparency is refreshing and encouraging.
    2) Ways of Being…yes I am guilty of time management issues.
    3) Holding on to the Now while investing in the Next…Oooooowwwwweee!
    4) Reshifting by reducing. I feel like I need to run home and take another look at my “things.”
    Thanks for this!! Downsizing to maximize!! Creating a plan to go higher without the extra weight! All the best! Much love ❤️ LSMB

  • Linda Mensah

    Thank you so much – even being in the mist of things – it really helped me to think about all of my stuff – detox is a great word. Thanks again. Congratulations on you all purchase.

  • Tiffany Tatum

    Girl girl girl! This one here. When you’re in a forced purge by God because you was hard headed and didn’t listen. This message encouraged me so. Even though my purge was not voluntary it was necessary and has purpose.

  • Regenia S. Robertson

    Hello Queen P, your heart is so BIG because you opened it up even more to allow your listeners to get insight of your family’s vision. I started decluttering my home 2 years ago when you talked about having your writing energy blocked because of the clutter on your desk. Now I only have what I enjoy and need in my world. Thank you and I look forward to the continuous journey.

  • Tanya Barnett

    Patrice you did it again! I felt every ounce of this episode. Change is uncomfortable. I have a new grandbaby coming to live with me and a child leaving for college. I want to downsize and clean out the clutter. Been on my mind for weeks. I will commit to decluttering.

  • Evaline BeAird

    I absolutely loved this podcast I admire you and your husband for living out loud. Doing what’s best for you guys family and not be moved by the masses. I really loved the fact that you guys realized that when downsizing y’all realized you could live without so much of the stuff. I love the transparency ?.

  • Evaline BeAird

    I am always downsizing I don’t keep my loft apartment full. l love being organized. I rotate stuff to friends, goodwill and sometimes I leave furnishings near our elevator hallway for other tenants to take.

  • Shoniqua Alleyne

    This definitely is on time. I’m in the same boat while building my business. Change is great!

  • Sherry Trotter

    THANK YOU so much for your transparency!! This was definitely encourgaing as I am in the process of “clearing all the clutter” in this season of my life to prepare for the next! I wish you and your family much success on this new chapter in your life!! God bless you and please keep letting your light shine, becuase it’s encouraging me to let mine shine. =)

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