EP 13: How To Create Your Sacred Space

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Do you have a sacred space?

Life is so full of noise and distractions. If you don’t become intentional about being still and creating the time and environment for yourself to relax, release and rejuvenate, you’ll never be able to tap into the creativity needed to build wealth.

Check out, my personal sacred space a.k.a my prayer closet.

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  • Zulma

    My choice to eliminate clutter from my life will begin today with creating a sacred space. You are not the first I’ve heard mention the need for it, although today it makes sense. This is the beginning point for me to becoming able to follow any of your other suggestions for fulfilling my life’s purpose. Thank you Patrice.

  • Hannah Oluwabusola Fatusin

    I absolutely agree. Having a special place to retrieve to at the end of the day and even to kick start your day in is super important for your mental wellbeing! I currently don’t have the space in my home to called sacred, but I do have my room. I’ve put up many post-it-notes of God’s promises and positive affirmations I observe daily. Every time I take the time to absorb the truth of these words, especially in the mornings, I get this rush of hope and energy flow through me – it’s so powerful.

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