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When is the last time you looked around at your office or work space? Does it look like somewhere that deserve to be making a million dollars, or does it look like somewhere people should be discarding their old McDonalds wrappers?

If you work in a landfill, all you are going to attract is more trash.

Now, I may be going a little over the top. Your work space may not be that bad (although I have seen some nasty places), but is it truly reflecting what you want to get?

Your work space is the foundation of where your money making starts. It needs just as much love and respect as the work you are actually doing, whether it’s an office, a cubicle, or even your living room.

Putting yourself in an environment that say you’re worth a million bucks will inspire your creativity and help your workflow to get you to where you want to be.

There’s 5 simple tricks I’ll dive into on this episode of Redefining Wealth that will help you prepare your space. When it’s where you need it to be, make sure you respect it. And not just you, but everyone who enters it.

Download this episode today and start building the environment that will bring you the success you want.

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5 Things to Keep in Mind:

Set an intention
Remove the clutter
Surround the environment with positive words.
Keep your goals in front of you.
Make your environment peaceful.

The Cliff Notes:

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.
Try not to treat your office like any old space.
Make sure your office is a money making space.
When your life is setup to support you it will attract new opportunities.
Live in your aspirational reality.
Try to be productive, not busy.
A vision board will remind you what your goals really are.
Hand write the important things.
People move at different levels of energy.
You can be self sabotaging without even realizing it.

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