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The Redefining Wealth Podcast community believes that wealth is about more than money and material possessions; it’s actually about well-being. Each week, award-winning personal finance author, international speaker, media personality and your BFF in your head, Patrice Washington, shares solo insights or enlightening guest interviews that influence the masses to live their life’s purpose, find fulfillment and earn more without chasing money.

In today’s episode, I explore what it means to be coachable. So often people talk about wanting support, but they aren’t truly open to it.

The reason you don’t accept coaching is fear. You have a story in your head that says, “This is as far as people like me go.” When you don’t do what your coach asks you to do, you’re not disappointing your coach- you’re disappointing yourself.

To get the wealth you desire, you need to be able to try new things and be uncomfortable. You have to be unapologetic about trusting the process.

I like to say, “I know what I know, and it’s brought me as far as I’ve come. If I want to go further, I need help.”

I don’t care where you start, but I do want you to consider getting the support that you need. Find a pillar where you need help, and reach out to a coach who can work with you to get the results you’re looking for.

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    • Coaching is a form of development in which a person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a certain professional goal by providing training and guidance.
    • You need to know when you actually need coaching.
    • You know you need coaching when you have a deadline, you have things you need to accomplish, and you need someone to walk you through that.
    • Coaching can be a form of self-care.
    • Coaching is not for know-it-alls.
    • If you don’t do the work your coach lays out for you, you’re not hurting the coach-you’re hurting yourself.
    • Think about the pillars and see if you need a coach in any area.

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