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Debt Will Determine Your Destiny

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As many of you know, I have been traveling around the country speaking. My favorite part is using the opportunity to meet and speak to every single person who attends a session with me.

I love hearing what you take away, and what is really important to you.

That’s why I decided to make this episode, continuing last week’s discussion on accountability. Chances are you need to take more accountability about the debt in your life.

Many people have myths about debt that are hindering them from reaching their greatest goals. In the end, these myths are preventing them walking into their destiny.

I want you to understand the role of debt in your life. Really understand how it’s holding you back from fulfilling your true purpose.

When your decisions about where you work, who you work for, where you live, what you eat, and everything else is decided by how much money you have to put towards your debt each month – you’re not really free.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Your debt is limiting your ability to choose.

You won’t be able to live the life you want as long as you have debt.

And let me make it clear, all debt is bad. Even debt you are leveraging to own things like a house is still bad because thinking that they’re good will never motivate you to get out of debt.

Download this episode today to hear why you need to handle your debt, and what you can do about it to be able to live your life in choice.
3 Myths About Debt:
Debt is not stopping me from anything.
I have good debt.
Everyone has debt.

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The Cliff Notes:

When you become your best self, money is a byproduct.
There are many myths about debt.
Don’t let debt stop you from living the life you truly desire.
When you are burdened by debt it takes away your freedom to choose.
Anything you accept as ok, you are going to allow to persist.
A lot of people fill their void by getting more stuff, adding to their debt.
If every decision you make is about paying off debt, you’re chasing money.
There is no such thing as good debt.
It should always be your goal to be debt free so you can have more choices.
Credit scores only matter if you plan on having debt.
Just because everyone has debt, doesn’t mean you need to as well.

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