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Melissa Llarena: Create a Career You Can Love

About our Guest:

Melissa Llarena always knew that she wanted to help people find careers that aligned with their purpose and made them feel fulfilled. She was fortunate to have amazing examples early in her career at Chase. She went on to work in account management and marketing at some of the nation’s largest companies before founding Career Outcomes Matter for Marketers in 2011. She now helps empower seasoned marketers land ideal opportunities that align with their values.

Episode Summary:

Being unfulfilled at work can be a huge problem. Whether your gifts aren’t being appreciated, your work is out of alignment with your values, or you are chasing money to fill a void. My guest Melissa Llarena is here to help. She was called at an early age to help corporate people and marketers reach their full potential by doing work that they love. We talk about career strategies that embody living and working with purpose in a practical way.


  • Melissa knew at an early age that it was her calling to help people reach their full potential in their careers.
  • There needs to be alignment between your values and what you’re doing as a career.
  • Inertia makes it really hard to get out of the hamster wheel when you are successful but unfulfilled.
  • Use the 3 Ps to make a career switch. Package yourself in a way that makes sense. Position yourself to the interviewer and pitch yourself in your best light.
  • Do your research on the business, and the individuals that you are meeting. Be human and use storytelling to share your humanity.  

Quotes from the show:

[spp-tweet tweet=”[bctt tweet=”“Don’t let your purpose take a backseat to money.” – Melissa Llarena” username=”seekwisdompcw”]

“We should be able to reach our full potential and contribute in a meaningful way while leveraging the skills that we have.” – Melissa Llarena

“Reaching your full potential as a marketer is the alignment between who you are and who you market to.” – Melissa Llarena

“When you are more aware of your purpose it’s easier to set your financial priorities.” – Patrice Washington

[spp-tweet tweet=”[bctt tweet=”“I call rationalizing literally rationing out lies. It’s lying to ourselves and lying to others about why we do what we do.” – Patrice Washington” username=”seekwisdompcw”]

Melissa’s Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions

Define Success:

Doing what you can with what you have and not needing anything outside of yourself to move forward in life.

Define Wealth in 3 Words or Less:

Being yourself always.

One Book that Has Redefined How You See Wealth:

Think and Grow Rich

Fill-in the Blanks… “My name is ___ and the truth about wealth is ___”:

“My name is Melissa Llarena and the truth about wealth is it’s within your reach.”


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