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I believe that I was called to this generation to help us Redefine Wealth for ourselves and create a solid foundation, so that when life happens or when God calls us to do something different, we are prepared.

What I was not prepared for was to hear about a tragedy of one of my very own clients and fellow Purpose Chasers, Sophia Giraldo. Because of Sophia, I’m going all in on Redefining Wealth this year, and this week on Redefining Wealth, we’re closing out Season 8 of the podcast with a focus on living Unfiltered & Free!

Key discussion points from this episode include:

Let Life Unfold – 0:35

Hold Space For Gratitude & Grief – 6:25

Unfiltered & Free – 14:05

All Things Work Together For The Good – 20:25

Greatness Requires Resistance – 23:30

Unfiltered & Free Takeaways

“We can show gratitude and grieve all at the same time.” – Patrice Washington

“I want to be unfiltered and free.” – Patrice Washington

“God sees me and God loves me and truly knows my heart.” – Patrice Washington

“God is showing me and exposing me and allowing me to experience some things so that I could go deeper in service.” – Patrice Washington

“What the enemy means for harm, God will use it for something good.” – Patrice Washington

“Greatness requires you to expect resistance.” – Patrice Washington

“I feel God really calling me to go all in on these pillars and really be more intentional about giving you guys what I believe you need.” – Patrice Washington

“We need a strong foundation.” – Patrice Washington

“I’m going all in on Redefining Wealth.” – Patrice Washington


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