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Welcome Back to Season 8 of The Redefining Wealth Podcast! While the last few months away have been filled with guided growth and holistic healing, I can’t wait to update you on all that’s happened since we last spoke! 

In this season of my life, I feel completely weightless. I’ve experienced hard things, but I’m not hardened, gone through difficulties, but I’m not disheveled, and even carried some burdens, but I’m not bitter. I not only have more clarity, joy and peace than I knew was possible, but I have an expectation of expansion and acceleration. 

I truly believe that this is a season where I will “wait-less” for the things that God has for me. Are you ready to surrender and join me on this journey?

Key discussion points from this episode include:

Let’s Catch Up – 4:30

Lessons From Divorcing With Dignity – 7:00

Self Love Is Real – 9:10

Monitor Your Expectations – 16:00

Wait With Expectancy – 23:00

Prepare For What You’re Expecting – 27:24

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The Wait LESS Season Takeaways

“My intention is to always make decisions from a place of faith, not fear.” – Patrice Washington  

“Everyone deserves the dignity of their own process.” – Patrice Washington

“The self love journey is real.” – Patrice Washington 

“I will be prepared for the blessings I expect.” – Patrice Washington

“I have a right to lean-in to whatever story I choose.” – Patrice Washington

“Whatever I believe, God will confirm through the examples put on my path.” – Patrice Washington 

“I am committed to the vision of seeing it come through, I’m not attached to how I get there.” – Patrice Washington 

“God knows what you’re waiting on when he sees what you’re working on.” – Patrice Washington 

“I don’t know what this season holds, but I know who holds me.” – Patrice Washington

“We have the ability to become “wait-less” if we allow ourselves to become weightless and surrender.” – Patrice Washington  

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