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Teneshia Jackson Warner: Commit to the Finish Line

With so much going on the world, I have to acknowledge the fact that people are being stretched. Between finances, mental health, physical health, and personal challenges, we have been forced to stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zones, expand our thinking and open our minds in order to find a new normal.

Some of us are embracing the stretch voluntarily, while others are trying to run away from the stretch. But although this season of growth is inevitable, we all need the tools and capacity to move through the stretch with grace and maximize the time we have remaining this year.

One of today’s most effective coaches for entrepreneurs, Teneshia Jackson Warner is the perfect person to help you stretch yourself and make your 2020 goals come true.

She is the founder and CEO of the multicultural marketing firm, EGAMI Group, Creator of The Dream Project, and Author of The Big Stretch: 90 Days to Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success.  

In today’s episode, Teneshia walks us through a “career workout” routine designed to move you from idea to goal and commit to the finish line.

First, you’ll learn what type of dreamer you are: Hobby, Career, Make-It-Happen, Activist, or CEO. Based on that, you will discover your Dreamer’s Risk Tolerance and understand your Dreamer’s Ancestry to help gauge how much time, support, and resources you can apply toward your Stretch goal.

Key discussion points from this episode include:

  • How The Dream Project became a book – 9:55
  • Starting the Race to Finish Strong – 12:05
  • How To Get Through Moments When You Question Your Dream – 20:30
  • The Five Types of Dreamers – 25:59
  • The Four Phases to The Big Stretch and Manifesting Your Dream – 33:00

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Commit to the Finish Line Takeaways

  • “Paper will come when you chase purpose.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • “The dream or purpose is not going to be realized within the zipcode of your comfort zone.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • “When the obstacles come, be committed to the long term.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • “Had I seen the obstacles, I would have never taken the first step.” – Patrice Washington
  • “I’m not attached to the route, I’m just committed to getting to the finish line.” – Patrice Washington
  • “God has built-in grace for our dreams in 2020.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • “Nothing catches God by surprise.” – Patrice Washington
  • “Many times we stop the dream. Allow yourself to let the dream come.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • “It’s okay to have dreams that are not attached to making money.” – Patrice Washington
  • “Great dreamers are in tune with where God provides them ideas.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • “Do not edit the dream too early by thinking about the how.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • “Your metrics should not be followers, your metrics should be fulfillment.” – Patrice Washington
  • “In the dream journey, when you say yes, you have to say yes to the long term.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner
  • “There’s power in surrendering and giving the dream back to God.” – Teneshia Jackson Warner

Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions

And with that, let’s dig into Teneshia’s responses to our Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions.

Define Success:

“Purpose driven.”

Define Wealth in 3 Words or Less:

“Security. Fulfillment. Legacy.”

One Book that Has Redefined How You See Wealth:

Financial Peaceby Dave Ramsey

Fill-in the Blanks … “My name is ___ and the truth about wealth is ___”:

“My name is Teneshia Jackson Warner and to me the truth about wealth is it should be fueled by purpose driven endeavours, purpose drive obedience, and purpose driven impact.”


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