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REMIND: Unlocking Financial Abundance w/ Get a Helmet

Today marks the last episode of our summer REMIND Series, a special series dedicated to recent podcast interviews that I’ve done that I believe will remind you of who I am through a different lens, perspective, conversation and voice.

This episode is very special, and the perfect way to close the series, because it features Get A Helmet, a podcast hosted by Storyteller, Spiritual Coach and Podcast Host, Caroline Aylward.

Get a Helmet focuses on breaking free from anxiety and low self worth, plugging into your power and intuition, and shining with authenticity. The show aims to illuminae the fullness of the human expression and dig deep into your mental health, body love, self worth, spirituality and everything in between. Life is (can be) tough. What’s your helmet?

Key discussion points from this episode include:

  • Patrice’s Money Story – 3:09
  • Don’t Ignore The Signs – 14:49
  • Walking In Divine Alignment – 21:55
  • Reasons We Struggle With Money – 27:00
  • Imposter Syndrome & Worthiness – 35:00
  • Freedom & Money – 41:20
  • Get A Helmet – 46:28

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Unlocking Financial Abundance Takeaways

  • “What good is money in the hands of a fool if they have no desire to seek wisdom.” – Patrice Washington
  • “If I can impact one person each day, then I did what I came to do.” – Patrice Washington
  • “I don’t know what I don’t know.” – Patrice Washington
  • “It’s not perfection, it’s obedience.” – Patrice Washington
  • “An audience of one will always be an audience for me.” – Patrice Washington
  • “Stay committed to the vision, not attached to how you get there.” – Patrice Washington .
  • “If you’re struggling with making money in your business, then the problem is probably not the business.” – Patrice Washington
  •  “There’s no way that I could walk into the wealth that was destined for me, had I not done my part to heal my childhood trauma.” – Patrice Washington
  •  “Your business is only going to grow to the extent that you’re willing to invest in your healing.” – Patrice Washington
  • “Our responsibility is to be in obedience, do our best and know that an audience of one is still an audience.” – Patrice Washington
  • “It’s not that you don’t know what you should do, your mind is too cluttered to receive it.” – Patrice Washington
  • “Money is a way to be able to do more good in the world.” – Patrice Washington
  • “Those that can pay, pay, so that I can have the time to invest in those who can’t.” – Patrice Washington
  • “My helmet is my prayer room.” – Patrice Washington

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