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Princeton Parker: Can’t Protect from Process

Have you ever thought, “If I were a different version of myself – thinner, richer, more successful – then I would have a fairer shot at life”?

Truth is: Many of us do. Sadly, it’s not a story that’s unfamiliar to us.

Princeton Parker points out in today’s episode, the story of the Prodigal Son. The son who does not just leave his home, but he leaves a version of himself in pursuit of a different version of himself only to discover that there was nothing wrong with who he was before he left home.

He has to lose everything he thought he wanted in order to realize he needed none of it.

Join us as we unpack the story of the Prodigal Son, bringing emotional health and psychology into the mix, while looking at those things through the lens of the prodigal son’s father.

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Can’t Protect from Process Takeaways

  • Growing up and maturing isn’t about becoming someone different; it’s about realizing there was nothing wrong with you in the first place. – Princeton Parker
  • Reclaim the identity you gave up in search of what you felt like you needed to be. – Princeton Parker
  • We think we know what inheritance means because we’re able to see reward without responsibility and promise without purpose. – Princeton Parker
  • If I loved myself, I would know that I was enough. – Princeton Parker
  • I can’t “okay” you leaving until I “okay” the life that I have without you. – Princeton Parker
  • The hardest thing to break up with are our own expectations. – Princeton Parker
  • The same faith that gives you the strength to hold on should be the same faith that gives you the strength to let go. – Princeton Parker

When we release someone from our lives– a child, a partner, an employee – we have to trust in that decision and in that process. Like the prodigal son’s father letting him go, the father had to trust and accept his son would experience more than he could give him through words alone.

Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions

And with that, let’s dig into Princeton’s responses to our Redefining Wealth Rapid Wisdom Questions.

Define Success:

“Success is authenticity plus service.”

Define Wealth in 3 Words or Less:

“Purpose, relationships, love.”

One Book that Has Redefined How You See Wealth:

The Emotional Incest Syndrome: What to do When a Parent’s Love Rules Your Life by Patricia Love

Fill-in the Blanks … “My name is ___ and the truth about wealth is ___”:

“My name is Princeton and the truth about wealth is that it starts on the inside and it overflows to the outside.”


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