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Did you know that you can have access to money, and still not give yourself permission to be wealthy? You can have all of the things and resources in the world and still make choices that sabotage the very success that you say you desire. 

In this community, we acknowledge that wealth is more than money and material possessions, but about the condition of well-being. Tune in to this week’s episode of the Redefining Wealth Podcast as we activate our confidence, remove limiting beliefs, and give ourselves permission to be wealthy. 

Key discussion points from this episode include:

Give Yourself Permission To Be Wealthy – 6:35 

Stop Rehearsing Unsupportive Programming – 7:55

Plant Yourself Where People Are Having Elevated Conversation – 19:50

Embrace Mastery & Momentum – 30:20

Redefine Wealth For Yourself – 36:15

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I want to create a space for people who are clear on WHAT they’re called to do, but the HOW gets fuzzy because their life is out of alignment. This Mastermind will be a container for transformative conversations around the pillars, curated by the community, which means I’m going to learn from you as you learn from me and we learn from each other. If you’re ready to honor who you authentically are without the titles, roles and labels, then email: – with the subject line “Mastery + Momentum Waitlist”.

Permission to Be Wealthy Takeaways

“We are never done with this journey of evolving.” – Patrice Washington 

“You can have access to money, and still not give yourself permission to be wealthy.” – Patrice Washington

“Give yourself permission to stop rehearsing unsupportive programming.” – Patrice Washington 

“Wealth will only grow to the extent that you’re willing to heal.” – Patrice Washington 

“We have the right to affirm something new over our lives and create new programming.” – Patrice Washington

“Give yourself permission to plant yourself in spaces where people are having elevated conversations.” – Patrice Washington

“Greatest is not created in isolation.” – Patrice Washington  

“The time you give yourself is the time it’s going to take.” – Patrice Washington 

“Give yourself permission to Redefine Wealth For Yourself.” – Patrice Washington 

“I don’t know what this season holds, but I know who holds me.” Patrice Washington   

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