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No More Autopilot: Mastery + Momentum Is Back!!

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If I asked you to define mastery, you’d probably say something like knowing everything possible about a particular subject or area. The truth is, you don’t have to know everything, but you do need to be willing to get off autopilot and take control of where you want to go in life. This week on The Redefining Wealth Podcast, we’re talking about the dangers of autopilot and how you can gain momentum in my NEW Mastermind: Mastery + Momentum! 

Key discussion points from this episode include:

Get Off Of Autopilot – 4:00 

Take Control Of Life From The Driver’s Seat – 13:00

Scale Joy & Dream A New Dream – 23:20

Mastery & Proficiency – 29:15 

Maintaining Momentum – 34:35

Mastery + Momentum Is Back Takeaways

“Autopilot overrides your authenticity.” – Patrice Washington 

“Autopilot is the opposite of being mindful.” – Patrice Washington 

“The road for our lives and for our journey is God given.” – Patrice Washington 

“It’s hard to dream a new dream when we are so disconnected from where we are presently.” – Patrice Washington

“In order to dream a new dream I have to ask better questions.” – Patrice Washington

“Awareness and acceptance are on completely different ends of the spectrum.” – Patrice Washington

“You need someone who can hold space for you to become.” – Patrice Washington 

“Many of us never create enough time to become proficient in the truth of who we are.” – Patrice Washington 

“I’m not fearless but I’m willing to fight through the fear on behalf of my freedom and yours.” – Patrice Washington 

“Purpose evolves.” – Patrice Washington

“When we don’t take time to master it, we mask it.” – Patrice Washington 

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