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Have you ever noticed how many people use Valentine’s Day and the gifts they receive as an indicator for how much their spouse or significant other loves them?

They’ll post pictures of all their gifts on Facebook and Instagram and say things like, “Look at how much so-and-so loves me!” But is this love? I ask because I’m not so sure it is.

See, for many of those women, sure they’ll get the candy and flowers, but when it comes time for them to invest in themselves, their spouse or significant other will usually say, “We can’t afford it,” or worse “I don’t want you to.” And to me, that’s not love.

Love is about support, and on today’s episode, I’ve invited the husbands of three Purpose 2 Platform students to share how and why they support their wives, and how this support has made their marriages stronger.

Join us as we shift from conventional Valentine’s Day speak and zero-in on how love looks like when you’re supportive, not demonstrative.

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When Love Looks Like Support Takeaways

  • We typically think coaching is for sports, but really anyone who wants to achieve something should seek some type of coaching. – John Norris
  • When you’ve a shared goal as a couple, you need to let each other explore different avenues of accomplishing that goal. – Dr. Jameson Mercier
  • For a lot of people, business ideas come out of desperation and desperation cannot sustain a business. – Dr. Jameson Mercier
  • When I was starting out, there were many times when I had to borrow Gerald’s faith, and for me, I’d much rather have that than flowers. – Patrice Washington
  • You don’t mitigate the risks by NOT following your dreams – it’s still risky whether you do or don’t do it. – Dr. Jameson Mercier
  • We’re on the same team. So if your spouse makes money, you make money, too. – Jamal Joyner

What does love look like to you? Is it roses and candy or is it the support of your spouse or significant other? I’ve met a lot of women who want to take their lives and careers to the next level, but don’t have the support they need from their spouse to get there.

If that’s where you are, follow Dr. Jameson Mercier’s advice. Be honest and speak to your spouse about what you need. And, of course, Happy Valentine’s Day.


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