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How the Quality of Your Questions Can Stop Your Progress with Christy

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Welcome to this month’s special coaching episode, where we’re diving deep into the journeys of brave Purpose Chasers from our community. In each coaching session, we explore a vision they want to accomplish, a challenge they want to overcome, or a blend of both. But these episodes are designed not just for our guest, but for everyone listening, offering the things you might need to support your own evolution.

In this episode, Christy finds herself in a new season of life and feels the call for a significant pivot. She’s at a crossroads, where she knows the logical next steps but is grappling with the back-and-forth indecision that often accompanies major life changes.

Consider and ask yourself:

  • Are my questions keeping me in a box? Am I limiting myself?
  • What does it look like if I were to make this pivot?
  • What can I do with what I have now to make it happen?
  • Do I believe my vision for myself is possible?

Guest insights:

  • She recognizes the possibility of her vision and how it serves others and increases the quality of her life.
  • She knows how beautiful her vision is and why she is being called to pivot.
  • She understands the power of the questions she asks herself.

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