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Growing Over Winning: A Recap of 2019

If you’re feeling like you’ve missed the mark this year or you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to, then this episode is for you. This week we’re shifting how we reflect on wins and accomplishments, and celebrating the process and steps to those wins just as much as the wins themselves.

Many of us look to Instagram or to our Facebook memories to try to piece together the wins and milestones of the year, but we often forget the small steps and work that was needed to achieve those things.

I use journaling, not only as a powerful manifestation tool, but also as a reminder of the process to whatever goal I’ve set for myself. Journaling, for me, is not about keeping a diary, it’s about understanding how to unlock more of the things I say I want and heal the things that come up in the process.

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Growing Over Winning Takeaways

  • Journaling gives me an accurate depiction of my growth or lack thereof. – Patrice Washington
  • You don’t have to be completely out of debt to acknowledge the win of shifting your money mindset. – Patrice Washington
  • You don’t have to drop 100 pounds to acknowledge that you’ve been plant-based for the last five days and feel great. – Patrice Washington
  • I was settling for what had been good – that comfort zone – instead of going after what God was showing me. – Patrice Washington
  • The growth is in the mindset. It’s not something I can check off my list. It’s who I’ve become in the process. – Patrice Washington
  • Give yourself grace and acknowledge your growth. – Patrice Washington

As you move into 2020, I encourage you to celebrate your wins – big and small – and reflect on your growth. You’re moving forward, so celebrate it.

If you’re stuck thinking, “It’s never good enough,” you’re going to stay stuck another year, and that’s not what I want for you. So bask in the glory of your wins and share them with us! 


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