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CTS Client: Tricia Daniel: Your “Someday” is Today

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You were born ON Purpose, FOR Purpose, FOR such a time as this and there is something that only YOU can do in this world. 

When you are not operating in our truth and putting off what God is calling us to do until someday, you are walking in disobedience. CTS Alumni, Tricia Daniel is here to remind you that “Your ‘Someday’ is today”. 

As a Financial Clarity Advisor, Tricia Daniel uses her unique blend of an MBA with over 24 years experience in finance and accounting to help provide clarity in how to make money work instead of working for money.  

As a Single mom who has started over twice financially, and the founder of S.O.W.N. – The Starting Over Wealth Network, Tricia uses her personal financial story to help women eliminate their debt, build their retirement and discover their seeds of identity so that they can replant themselves into rich soil and achieve legacy changing financial freedom. 

Key discussion points from this episode include:

Let Go Of The Shame – 3:35

Someday Is Today – 5:30

It’s Okay To Start Over – 10:25

Expectation Vs. Reality – 18:00

Allow God To Speak Through You – 24:10

No More Waiting For Someday, Release Your Voice – 29:11

Connect With Tricia:
Instagram: @triciadanielmba |

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Your “Someday” is Today Takeaways

“I can empower other women with my story.” – Tricia Daniel

“The shame of my story held me captive for over a decade.” – Tricia Daniel 

“We don’t have someday. Our someday is today.” – Tricia Daniel 

“One sentence or one story can change the direction of someone else’s life.” – Tricia Daniel  

“I’ve started over twice.” – Tricia Daniel  

“There’s no program that’s going to save you. You have to save yourself.” – Tricia Daniel

“Liberation is not one sided.” – Patrice Washington  

“Go with the download you’re given because you already have the framework in place.” – Tricia Daniel

“Allow God to speak through you.” – Tricia Daniel

“Tell your story to an audience of one or an audience of thousands.” – Tricia Daniel

“No more waiting for someday.” – Tricia Daniel

“I need to release my voice.” – Tricia Daniel



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