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CTS Client: T’Africa Harewood: Stop Playing Hide and Seek with Purpose

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Many of us play hide and seek when it comes to owning our truth. We hide from ourselves and put on a mask at work, at church and with family and friends. Ultimately, our story wants to come out and stop being pushed under the surface because it has the power to save someone else’s life. As we continue CTS Client Week, today’s guest on The Redefining Wealth Podcast is Command The Stage Alumni, Tafrica Harewood.  

Tafrica L. Harewood, known as The Spirit Doula, is a coach, Transformational Communicator, DEI consultant, and founder of As Yourself Coaching. A student of Intercultural Competence, Adult Development, Emotional Intelligence, and spiritual awareness, Tafrica brings her expertise and masterful intuition to each encounter with clients to support the creation of meaningful outcomes. 

Her client-centered approach grants professionals and leaders from top performing organizations an opportunity to experience results that move individuals and teams toward authentic awareness, sustainable transformation, and work in alignment with their deepest intentions. 

Key discussion points from this episode include:

The Evolution Of A Story – 4:20

Holy Spirit In The Wind – 7:00 

Your Story Could Cost Someone’s Life – 15:35

Living The Next Chapter – 18:00

Preparation Before Release – 22:13

Be Obedient – 27:00

Stop Playing Hide And Seek – 31:00

Connect With T’Africa:
Instagram: @tafrica.h |

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Stop Playing Hide and Seek with Purpose Takeaways

“I have to share my truth.” – Tafrica Harewood

“I’ll go away quietly.” – Tafrica Harewood

 It feels.too much like I’m by myself so it must be the enemy’s trick so that I’ll go away quietly and leave someone else thinking that they’re the only one; and that there’s nothing on the other side of it.” – Tafrica Harewood   

“You are going to truly learn to just be.” – Tafrica Harewood

“I will show up as my full self in as many spaces as God puts me in and operate in obedience in those spaces.” – Tafrica Harewood 

“There’s a blessing in the season of being still.” – Patrice Washington

“God has called you to be obedient.” – Patrice Washington

“Command the Stage was about freeing people to tell the truth.” – Patrice Washington 

“That story wants to come out because it’s going to save a life.” – Patrice Washington 

“Everybody’s not going to be on a big stage.” – Tafrica Harewood

 “When you are released, you already know what to do.” – Patrice Washington



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