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CTS Client: Sophia Giraldo: Beauty in Transformation

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When it comes to sharing your story, many of us remain silent because we don’t want to upset or disappoint anyone associated or we fear putting someone else’s business in the streets. Most of our audience are people who know us and we can often spend years walking around with a smile on our faces, without anyone knowing what we experience behind closed doors. 

What if we learned how to embrace our truth and share our story, while leaving those involved with their dignity? Today, on the Redefining Wealth Podcast, we sat down with CTS Alumni, Sophia Geraldo to discuss how Command The Stage taught her how to tell her story.

Sophia Giraldo is a “Confidence Cultivator” passionate about helping women impacted by Abuse & Betrayal redefine beauty, and walk in Confidence as a Lifestyle. Through her speaking and consulting, Sophia offers a glimpse into her journey from a “shame-filled, embarrassed, broken woman”, to one who has encountered Jesus, and His ability to transform her into a woman filled with Confidence.

Key discussion points from this episode include:

Share Your Story – 3:35

Your Beauty Can Be Redefined – 11:30

Tell TheTruth – 16:45

Takeaways From CTS – 24:00

Beyond Beautiful – 29:00

Just Do It – 37:35

Connect With Sophia:
Instagram: @iamsophiagiraldo |

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Beauty in Transformation Takeaways

“I have to share my truth.” – Sophia Giraldo

“You’re going to have to learn how to live for an audience of one.” – Sophia Giraldo

“Your beauty can be redefined.” – Sophia Giraldo  

“We can know all of the things, but if we don’t make the choice to believe it, it does no good.” – Sophia Giraldo   

“God can redefine beauty even after tumultuous things like betrayal and abuse.” – Sophia Giraldo  

“Yes it happened to me, but I did not want to be identified as a victim.” – Sophia Giraldo 

“So many people would be set free if we would freaking tell the truth.” – Patrice Washington 

“If we say that we believe that we’re overcome by our testimony, we have a responsibility to share that testimony.” – Patrice Washington 

“Our pain can be used for a bigger purpose.” – Sophia Giraldo

“Give your story the freedom to evolve.” – Sophia Giraldo  

“Be willing to make space for yourself first, so that you can create space for other people.” – Sophia Giraldo



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