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CTS Client: Shirani Pathak: Becoming Okay with the Truth

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Many of us spend our entire lives trying to prove ourselves or force ourselves into boxes that were not created with us in mind. Supremacy culture has created a wave of meritocracy, imposter syndrome, and comparison, and today, on the Redefining Wealth Podcast, I’m joined by CTS Alumni, Shirani Pathak to discuss how she commands the stage and uses her voice to change a broken system!   

Shirani M. Pathak is a social worker, retired psychotherapist, and disruptor of oppressive systems in how we relate to ourselves and each other. Her goal is to eradicate the ways we perpetuate supremacy culture in our relationships so that we can live in a world based on love not fear. Her zone of genius is at the intersection of science, psychology, and spirituality where she uses her superpower of seeing interpersonal relational patterns to help people awaken from the spell of supremacy culture’s oppressive systems in their relationships.

Key discussion points from this episode include:

The Power Of Divine Downloads – 5:35

Supremacy Culture at the Intersection of Interpersonal Relationships – 11:00 

Awareness, Acceptance, Action – 18:50

The Colonizer’s Way – 23:00

Articulate Your Purpose – 27:00

Obedience Is Key – 30:00

The Power Of Community – 33:40

Connect With Shirani:
Instagram: @shiranimpathak |

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Becoming Okay with the Truth Takeaways

“The first round of CTS brought it all together for me.” – Shirani Pathak

“When God says move you move.” – Shirani Pathak

“Imposter syndrome is born of Supremacy culture conditioning.” – Shirani Pathak

“When we start to address the root of what is happening, that is when we can start to change the systems and stop perpetuating trauma.” – Shirani Pathak 

 “Acceptance is about no longer rejecting the reality that this is how it’s been.” – Shirani Pathak

“Being human is being heard, being understood, being able to make meaning and being nourished.” – Shirani Pathak

“These systems are going to collapse from within.” – Shirani Pathak

“Everything is a system.” – Shirani Pathak

“Not being obedient when told is also disobedience.” – Shirani Pathak

“Tell the story that you don’t want to tell.” – Shirani Pathak



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