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CTS Client: Sana Latrease Cotten: It’s Time to Live Unashamed

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Sometimes the very people who encourage you to tell your story, are the ones who will shame you for sharing specific details. Your story has the power to save lives and bless people immensely because there’s something in your testimony that others need to hear. 

This week, on the Redefining Wealth Podcast, I’ll be highlighting previous clients from my signature program, Command The Stage! Today’s guest is Sana Latrease Cotten, a powerful speaker who turned her story of shame into salvation for others!

Sana Latrease Cotten is the Founder and President of Unashamed, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization fostering emotional health in disadvantaged families that have experienced incarceration, foster care, and teen pregnancy. Harboring a passion for advocacy work and youth within the foster care system, Sana has worked alongside the Department of Children and Families (DCF) as a QPI Champion (Quality Parenting Initiative) and is a published author on a mission to liberate others to own their truth, find their voice and boldly live unashamed.

Key discussion points from this episode include:

Tell Your Story – 4:00

Give God Your Yes – 8:00 

The Power Of Command The Stage – 12:00 

Life After Command The Stage – 20:00 

This Is Not That – 26:00 

Connect With Sana:
Instagram: @sanalatrease |

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It’s Time to Live Unashamed Takeaways

“The power of my voice and my story saves lives.” – Sana Latrease

“I need you to begin to live unashamed and tell the story.” – Sana Latrease

“I have a story that will make you believe in God.” – Sana Latrease 

“There was a point where church people were my kryptonite.” – Sana Latrease

“I’m going to show up for me.” – Sana Latrease

“Command The Stage jump started my storytelling and reminded me why I started.” – Sana Latrease

“Your soul is aware of what you need well before you are.” – Patrice Washington

“I’ve lived a very structured life, which means that I haven’t lived life.” – Sana Latrease

“Everybody has a different purpose.” – Sana Latrease

“This is not that.” – Sana Latrease



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