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Brittany Sherell: The Fulfillment Factor

When Brittany joined my Business Accelerator, Purpose to Platform, she came into it with the idea that she was going to build a business. There’s nothing wrong with that idea, but as Brittany says, “Purpose to Platform is a program that takes you from having a one-track business mind into developing a full platform. It transformed how I thought about building a business.”

Since then, Brittany has achieved so much. She’s launched her own podcast – The Brittany Sherell Podcast – that’s about helping women learn to be okay with prioritizing themselves. She’s been featured as a thought leader in ten different publications, has been featured on podcasts, has taught webinars for international organizations, has completed a coaching certification to become a happiness coach and has published her first book, The Fulfillment Factor.

Join us as Brittany shares her experience with Purpose to Platform and her biggest takeaways and results since enrolling.

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The Fulfillment Factor Takeaways

  • We’re conditioned to chase success and then oftentimes we find out that satisfaction does not live there. – Brittany Sherell
  • One of the most powerful things I’ve gained is understanding that there’s power in having a network. – Brittany Sherell
  • Sometimes other people’s freedom is attached to your fruit. – Brittany Sherell
  • You have to be willing to move beyond fear and move into the unknown and embrace it because it’s bigger than you. – Brittany Sherell
  • I’m committed to being my best self so that I’m always pouring from a place of abundance into other people’s lives. – Brittany Sherell
  • Execute and then evolve. – Brittany Sherell

Are you on the fence about Purpose to Platform? As Brittany says, “You don’t know how much time you have left on Earth, so you need to make the most of it. Do not second guess this.

Too many times, we consider things or look things over and come up with an excuse to talk ourselves out of something. You execute and then you evolve. You don’t sit there and come up with a million reasons why you should be doing something else.”


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