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Birthday Celebration Episode (Audience Voices)

Hey There! While some of you are OG listeners and have been tuning in to The Redefining Wealth Podcast since its inception, many of you may be new here and if so you’re joining us just in time to help us celebrate Patrice’s Birthday!

This Monday, March 15th, officially marks Patrice’s 40th Birthday and the release of her new Book – Redefine Wealth For Yourself: How to Stop Chasing Money and Finally Live Your Life’s Purpose.

To celebrate, we asked you, members of the Redefining Wealth Community, to submit an audio clip containing your birthday wishes to Patrice and the pillar of wealth that you’ve grown the most in. As a result, our team was able to put this episode together as a gift to Patrice, including your voices, lessons, takeaways, and stories regarding each pillar.

We believe in the 12th century definition of wealth, which is the condition of well-being and we use the Six Pillars Of Wealth as guiding points to help us take practical steps toward attaining the wealth we desire. Enjoy this special episode celebrating Patrice and her life’s work; and be sure to tune in to the very end where we reveal Patrice’s Birthday gift from the Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth team.

Birthday Celebration Episode Testimonials & Takeaways

  • Fit Pillar: Become your best self
    • Christina Jarvis – 4:06
    • April D. Graham – 5:21
  • People Pillar: Take care of relationships that matter
    • Tonie Galloway – 6:03
    • Vannice McCoy – 8:19
  • Space Pillar: Set up your life to support you
    • Reagan Washington – 9:30
    • Amy Szumstein – 10:34
    • Shawnee Eskridge – 11:06
    • Zaneeka Hill – 12:06
  • Faith Pillar: Believe in something greater
    • Shaunsie Reed – 13:30
    • Andrea Ward – 16:23
    • Jaleesa Robinson – 16:46
    • Rho Thomas – 17:47
  • Work Pillar: Live your life’s purpose
    • Sandra Ocasio – 19:23
    • Lisa Matthews – 20:49
    • Unyime Oguta – 22:10
  • Money Pillar: Attract the prosperity you desire
    • Micayla Robertson – 23:16
    • Enid Kent – Money Pillar – 23:59
  • All Pillars: Redefine Wealth For Yourself
    • Maritza Petrie – 25:02
    • Lydia Martin-Jackson – 26:27
    • Jateya Jones – 27:42

This episode is brought to you by Patrice’s new book: Redefine Wealth For Yourself: How to Stop Chasing Money and Finally Live Your Life’s Purpose, officially available March 15th, 2021! Ready to pre-order your digital, paperback or hard copy? Visit


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