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I now feel confident about who I am as a woman and entrepreneur.

Relationship Expert & Trauma Recovery Consultant

After joining Purpose to Platform, many of the limiting beliefs I had about myself and my idea have been eradicated! I feel confident about who I am as a woman and entrepreneur. I feel confident about the value I add to my beautiful community of women. My message and delivery are clear about the retreat and why women should attend. Also, after advertising my retreat for just 1 month, I’m almost full thanks to the guidance and systems I learned here! Women are interested and choosing to heal! I’m truly grateful for this process and program. Thank you, Patrice!


Purpose 2 Platform promised to provide a fill-in-the-blank template for participants and it kept the promise!

I knew I needed concrete details, a straight-to-the-point structure and easily applicable tasks to help me build my business. Since joining Purpose 2 Platform two months ago, my idea has transformed from a thought to actual tangible products & services. In less than 8 weeks, I designed, published and sold my first journal, established a now growing podcast and have gotten super clear on how to reach the people I always desired to serve. I came in with the intent to start a business, yet this program has given me so much more than that. I’m learning step-by-step how to unapologetically use my gifts to build an empire with multiple streams of income and how to expand my reach beyond bounds. Thank you Patrice for your transparency and how thorough this program is. My life is forever changed.


Founder, Elam & Co.

Finally filled in the gaps!

Certified Public Accountant

I’m an accountant who works with non-profit organizations to understand how their numbers translate to additional funding. Before joining P2P my focus was creating videos for clients to use for independent learning but what I’ve since realized is before people could learn on their own they needed direction on WHY they even needed to know the information. This ‘aha’ alone led to the creation of a new course at 2x what I would have ever thought to charge!


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INCREASED my prices by over 2500% after ONE call with Patrice and got it!

The Courage Crusader

Before P2P I thought I knew what I was doing. My system worked and I attracted clients, BUT I wasn’t earning enough. Since the program I realize my prices were too low and my message wasn’t clear enough which is why I struggled to attract my ideal clients. After completing the program and my 1:1 session with Patrice my price went from $150 for 12 months to $997 (beta) for 12 weeks and I had 6 women enroll!! I actually could not believe it. As it stands I now have a business model were I can make money while I sleep. While.I.SLEEP.


I couldn’t imagine experiencing wins like this before!

I am so grateful to have found Patrice and Purpose 2 Platform. The course is easy to follow and so well organized. It has brought me so much clarity on my purpose and how I want to contribute to the world. I have had so many positive shifts since starting the course that has lead me to wins I couldn’t imagine before. What I really love is the wealth of info given and shared not only by Patrice but all the women in the group to help us all succeed with our purpose. The weekly Friday calls are GOLDEN! After every call I come away with something that helps me move even faster towards the call and all the encouragement has done wonders for the belief in myself! Thank you! I really appreciate you and what you so much!


Author, The Real Life Books and Family Trauma Professional

Patrice walked me through developing new service packages, shifting my mindset from operator to CEO.

Founder, The Purpose Partner Program

P2P allows introverts to pursue purpose boldly too!

Not only did I not have my idea quite refined yet, but I came into P2P pretty shy. So much so that I didn’t turn on my camera  for our weekly video calls for the first few weeks of being in the community. Since joining Purpose 2 Platform, I not only turned that camera on, but I’ve hosted my own event where I spoke from the stage and actually had women sign up to work with me in my Purpose Partner BETA program! No way this would’ve happened without P2P, Patrice and my P2P Sisters.


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