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A Private Mastermind + Retreat Experience Designed for High Performing Entrepreneurs, Executives and Other Women Leaders Who Know What They Want But Need the Roadmap + Radical Accountability to Get There

How Would You Like Access to a Laser-Focused Community of Women Who Will Keep You Accountable to Your Greatest Goals and Support You in Building Wealth WITHOUT Allowing You to Compromise THE Most Important Piece of the Puzzle: YOU and your own Well-Being!

As a mother, wife, sister, friend and high-performing entrepreneur, I personally got tired of joining groups that focused only on making money or building my business, but didn’t necessarily welcome conversations about my family, my self-care or my soul.

I’ve created what I always wanted:

A safe space for purpose-driven women to become their best selves physically, emotionally, relationally, spiritually and financially while building a business or career they love.

This community is for those, who like me, have no desire to be a public success while feeling like a private failure because everything else in life is constantly being put on the back burner until the next project is completed or product is launched.


And the truth is, we know as go getters, before one thing is executed, you’ve already brainstormed an entire plan of attack on the next venture. It’s a never ending cycle of achievement which the world may continue to applaud, but privately other parts of your life continue to suffer in silence while desperately begging for your attention.

This Experience Is For You IF:

You’ve been craving sisterhood and community with not just like-minded women, but women who have the capacity to relate to your success, while understanding the struggles that come with it.

You’ve mastered your public persona, but secretly feel out of alignment with what may be the greater call on your life.

You’ve focused so much on building a brand or climbing the corporate ladder that your personal life, health and/or faith have taken a backseat.

You’ve focused so much on your family or personal well-being that your career and finances have never been a focal point.

You know you could accomplish more sooner, quicker, faster if you had a tried and true system to apply to your own goals and people who wouldn’t accept your excuses or limiting beliefs.

You’re searching for a space where you can get immediate feedback, support, and best practices from other successful women who are excelling in areas you desire to grow in.

This is NOT for Everybody and I Know That.

This Experience Is NOT For You IF:

Participation will cause a financial hardship. This is a premium priced experience and while every investment I’ve made for my own personal development has been a stretch, they’ve paid for themselves 10x over. I encourage stretching, but not stressing.

You’re not willing to make an investment of time in yourself and in the women who you would be partnered with in your accountability pod. We’re all “busy,” but we’re here to help us make better decisions that will lead to more productivity.

You don’t desire true accountability. We are a coachable community and effective coaching can only take place when vulnerability and humility are present. If you already know it all, we are not the space for you.

You enjoy drama. This is a safe space where gossip is not allowed. We don’t utilize crass language or entertain any tone or way of being that would make a sister feel judged, unloved or unsafe.

I’m VERY picky, and respectfully so, about who I’ll speak with and no one can make it into this sacred space without actually speaking to me 1:1 or one of my trusted coaches. I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:

  1. Complete a thorough application. This entire process may take you 12 – 15 minutes. One word answers will automatically be eliminated. I believe in what a community of committed women can create and I’m not willing to compromise that. Being here will take time and effort and if 15 minutes is too much for you, I understand, but this is just not the space for you yet.
  2. Join a 45-minute Group Interest call upon approved application. You’ll learn more about the details of the experience and have a chance to ask your questions.
  3. If invited, decide if we’re the tribe of women you want to hold you accountable and build rich, lasting relationships with.


Here’s the Bottom Line

I know you. You’re a go getter, high achiever, get-it-done kinda gal. You’re purpose-driven and committed to seeing the big vision on your heart through to fruition.


That’s awesome!


But I also know that without accountability you’ve likely talked yourself out of pursuing some of your best ideas AND you’ve taken months and years to do what we are going to get done in 90-day intervals around here.

I’m simply offering a structured system for authentic goal setting (NO! Not SMART goals), consistent accountability (NO! Not just monthly one-sided check-ins), LIVE curated retreats in serene destinations you probably wouldn’t go to otherwise, weekly coaching and a Celebration Circle of women cheering you on as you come into alignment with all of who you were called to be.


If that sounds like what you’ve been missing, APPLY NOW and let’s talk.

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