A 5-Week Small-Group Training Created for the Next Generation of Transformational Speakers Who Desire to Confidently Communicate the Message they’ve Been Called to Share with the Masses.

How Would You Like to Captivate Your Audience, Attract Your Tribe, Build Authority and Use Speaking from the Stage to Grow Your Platform Exponentially by Becoming More Magnetic, More Memorable and More Powerful?

As a television and radio media personality, host of a top-rated podcast, frequent brand ambassador and highly sought after transformational speaker, I know what it takes to share a story so powerful that every soul in the room feels like they are IN the story not just listening to it.

Creating that depth of connection and bond with my audience is what gets me invited to stages that people are paying to get on and positions me in front of my ideal clients over and over again.

I’ve created an intimate environment to teach you how to do just that – especially when so much speaking has gone virtual. People don’t have to suffer through your speech anymore to be polite; they can click away within seconds.

Command the Stage is a safe space for speakers with 0-5 years of experience to move from good to legendary, from workshop leader to thought leader and from just another trainer to transformational powerhouse.

This 5-week, LIVE hands-on training is for those who know that they have a big message to share, but they’re not always sure of how to create expert positioning, connect the dots through storytelling or how to create a call to action so powerful that it gets people begging to work with you instead of you hoping, wishing and praying that someone will choose you instead of all of the other options in the marketplace.

This Experience Is For You IF:

You’ve ever watched a phenomenal speaker on stage or listened to someone on YouTube or a podcast who shifted something in your soul immediately and you thought to yourself, “I want to do that.”

Your business/brand is growing and you’re being invited to speak and interview more, but you feel more committed to your powerpoint and talking points than connected to the audience.

You realize that speaking from the stage refers to any place you can gather an audience (online thru FB or IG Lives and podcasts) and you want to be more powerful EVERY time you open your mouth.

You’re not scared to get in front of an audience, but your delivery doesn’t have people clamoring to speak to you and work with you afterwards.

You want sharing your story to be a stream of income for your business, but right now people don’t seem to want to pay you for your services – just use you for “exposure” and to fill in content.

You know you could charge more sooner, quicker, faster if you just understood what was blocking you from being seen as a thought leader versus an easily replaceable workshop facilitator.

You just know it’s time to get from behind the screen and take center stage where you belong.

You’re searching for a space where you can get immediate and customized feedback, support and best practices from a bonafide six-figure speaker who is still hand-selected to speak each and every month and is transparent about what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s Just a Taste of What I’ll Be Covering:

Week 0: Solid Foundations
Most people know they’re called to speak, but don’t realize that if you’re not clear about the intent for your talk, you’ll jeopardize making any true impact. You’ll have pre-training homework to make sure you come into our training ground ready to go!

Week 1: Unforgettable Introductions
You have 2.7 seconds to grab your audience’s attention and most speakers waste the first five minutes of their talk rambling on because they have no structure. You’ll learn how to craft a killer opening that will captivate your audience from the moment you step on the stage.

Week 2: Expert Positioning
My signature structure for introducing yourself with authority and power without feeling boastful (believe it or not, event hosts are notorious for not necessarily honoring your bio – you MUST know how to overcome this!)

Week 3: Master Storytelling
Your story is what separates you, but sadly most people don’t know which story to choose or how to share it powerfully. This is the secret sauce of any well-paid, high-converting speaker and if you don’t have this down, you’re likely not getting the response you want. I’ll teach you how to share your story in a way that connects to the soul of every audience member (you can’t just tell a story – they have to feel it.)

Week 4: Call to Action
Learn the art of a powerful call to action that will take attendees from listening and observing to becoming active participants in their transformation. Attendees have said this piece alone was gold because it introduced them to revenue streams they didn’t even know where possible for their business!

Week 5: Marketplace Demand
Get the 411 on how to actually create a demand for yourself in the marketplace so you can stand out above the rest. You will no longer be just another trainer, you’ll be primed to take your place as a bonafide transformational speaker!

BUT Wait! There’s More:

Command the Stage is a 5-Week LIVE Intimate Training which means you’re getting ME in real-time, teaching you in five weeks what I learned over 10 years. I’m there to learn about your purpose, help you tweak your story and personally coach YOU.

How am I able to do it?

Besides limiting the group to no more than 100 people, there are several AWESOME BONUSES! 👇🏾

*SPECIAL FAST ACTION PAY IN FULL BONUS (Valid ONLY thru SUNDAY, April 11th at 10p EDT OR the first 30 registrants) = (2) Small Group Hot-Seat Opportunities after Weeks 3 and 5. You’ll log on with no more than 4-5 group members TWICE and I’ll PERSONALLY coach each of you in Real-Time on how to improve even the most minute detail of your talk. We’ll be your safe space to practice and improve! (Hands down, this personalized small group coaching was the game-changer for the previous co-horts. There’s no hiding in this intimate setting and I literally knew EVERY single person’s story inside out.)

You’ll get 8 Week Access to a Private Community where you can upload your homework every step of the way and get feedback from ME and your entire co-hort! (The networking in this international community of world-shakers is priceless. Some of your first interviews will come from this community!)

Missed the small group seats? No problem! As a BONUS, we’ve added on weekly Clarity Calls with our Clarity Coach, who can help remove any confusion and connect the dots seamlessly. There’s also Alumni Ambassadors sprinkled throughout the private community to make sure you don’t get lost in the sauce!

* Access to my Podcast with Purpose Training. You’ll learn the three-tier approach I used to build the Redefining Wealth Podcast to over 7.5 million downloads in 3 years! It’s more than a mic and cool cover art. You need to be intentional about your message and once you gain clarity from Command the Stage, launching your own podcast might feel like the next best step! This training will help you get ready!

Cheat Sheets to support learning! In addition to your CTS Action Guide, you’ll get more resources to help you craft a compelling talk. The marketplace is tired of hearing coaches, consultants and authors say they want to “inspire, motivate and empower.” Yea, yea. We know. There’s so many other ways to demonstrate value, credibility, authority, passion and purpose and I’ll show you how!

Here’s what graduates are saying:


This is a 5-Week LIVE Hands-On Training Created for the Next Generation of Transformational Speakers.

It’s ONLY for emerging speakers who have 0-5 years of experience and are committed to honoring the call on their lives to share their message in a way that will impact the masses.

I’ve been speaking since 2004, but didn’t know it would become the one platform that would allow me to create such impact and amazing income until 2014.

I invested $20,000+ in my first speaking coach. I saw her speak at a conference and sat there in awe thinking, “I want to do that.” I found out what it would take to have her sit with me for one full VIP Day (6 hours) and deconstruct my talk so I could go from good to great!

To be honest, I only implemented a ⅓ of what she taught me that January in 2014 and since then, I’ve gone on to create multiple mid-six figures as a speaker alone. I’ve shared the stage with renowned speakers like Magic Johnson, Laila Ali, Eric Thomas, Devon Franklin, Pat Flynn, Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey, Kathy Buckley, Tim Storey, Lisa Bilyeu, TD Jakes, Trent Shelton to name a few! I’ve added SO MUCH to that groundwork since then and I’ve used the technique to command attention on television, radio, podcast interviews and beyond.

Just like me, once you know it, you know it. And you’ll be able to use it over and over and over again to create more impact, influence and income in your business for a fraction of what I invested in my first speaking coach.

This Is The Last Course for 2021! 

New Payment Options Just Added!

The Investment in Command the Stage 2021 is just $2795

(VALUE: $6000)

To take advantage of PayPal’s ZERO% interest for SIX MONTHS on this full pay option, just select PayPal on the checkout form. You’ll be directed to your PayPal account where you can complete the application.
If you need support, email us support@seekwisdomfindwealth.com.


2 Installments of $1537.50 (Only through Friday, April 16th, 2021)

First payment will be processed immediately.

Final payment will be processed 30 days from now.

6 Installments of $549 (Only through Friday, April 16th, 2021)

First payment will be processed immediately.

Subsequent payments will be processed every 30 days from now until paid in full.

*NOTE: Command the Stage has a strict NO REFUND policy. Due to limited seats available in this extremely intimate training, your seat cannot be easily replaced – especially on short notice. It is, however, transferable. If you know someone who would like the training and you want to bless them with it, e-mail us with all parties involved at support@seekwisdomfindwealth.com and we can update the name and email address on the registration. Other than that, this investment is non-refundable.


This isn’t a HUGE program for hundreds of people that can get lost in the sauce.

I’m only letting 100 people or LESS in this virtual room with me so that I can personally get to know YOU and your story. In my humble opinion, that’s the only way for a coach to truly see you, hear you and help you flush out what’s going to truly work for YOU!

A quarter of the seats were sold before I even announced it openly, so don’t take days to mull it over. If this is for you, pull the trigger! Because . . .

Here’s the Bottom Line

If you’ve made it to this page, you know that you are called to serve the masses and that requires communicating powerfully – period.

You have a testimony that can transform lives (including your own personally, professionally and financially!) IF you just knew how to connect the dots from recognizing the call to actually commanding the stage. And let’s be honest, the cost of continuing on unfulfilled or worse, going in circles is far too much.

I didn’t start out sought after.

I failed, flopped and almost got so frustrated with using speaking as a part of my platform that I nearly gave it up.

My coach changed everything for me six years ago and I want you to be able to say the same.

I want to support you in getting your message to the masses and being that blessing that I know you were called to be.

Let’s stop going in circles and getting nowhere.

It’s time to Command the Stage.

You In?

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