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About Redefine Wealth for Yourself

Personal finance expert, America’s Money Maven turned go-to holistic lifestyle integrator, award-winning author, Patrice Washington has used her platform, The Redefining Wealth Podcast to teach millions that wealth is so much more than money and material possessions.

Now she’s written the template to make it plain and remove the mystery surrounding wealth so that it frees you to create a wealthy life your way.

Through stories, principles, and practical exercises based on her Six Pillars of
Wealth, she guides you, step by step, through the process to create a life of peace, purpose, and prosperity.

Do you feel a calling to do something greater with your life?

Are you tired of working hard with little to show for your effort?

Or exhausted from sacrificing your health and your relationships to build your career?

In Redefine Wealth for Yourself, Patrice will guide you through how to:

Change your habits and stop struggling to achieve your health goals.

Prioritize the relationships that mean the most to you.

Set up your life to support all your goals.

Rely on your faith to bounce back from failure.

Live your purpose and do work you love.

Manage the money you have and earn more with ease and grace.

If you’re tired of chasing money and ready to pursue your purpose, this holistic guide to wealth is for you.

What are the Six Pillars of Wealth?

These are the areas of life that impact our finances daily – even when we’re not consciously making the connection. In Redefine Wealth for Yourself, Patrice breaks down the exact practical steps you can take in each one of these pillars to not only improve your finances, but your life overall.

About the Author

In 2020, Success Magazine named Patrice Washington one of 12 Inspiring Black Voices in Personal Development. As an award-winning author, transformational speaker, hope-restoring coach and media personality, Patrice is committed to redefining the term “wealth” using its original meaning, “well-being.”

Patrice got her start as your favorite personal finance expert, “America’s Money Maven,” but has since expanded her brand and mission to encourage the masses to chase purpose, not money and uses her Certification in Financial Psychology to help get beyond budgets and credit reports and dive into the heart of why we behave the way we do with money.

She encourages us all to have “wealth” in all aspects of their lives by pursuing their purpose, being fulfilled, and earning more without ever chasing money.

Through her teachings, Patrice empowers and equips purpose-driven souls to look at life through the lens of abundance and opportunity, instead of lack and scarcity.

As host of the award winning, Redefining Wealth Podcast, Patrice has built a thriving international community of high-achieving women committed to creating a powerful life vision–in their careers, home, health, and personal finances. Featured on as one of “15 Inspiring Podcasts for Professionals of Every Stripe” and highlighted by, the Redefining Wealth Podcast boasts over 4 million downloads and counting!

When Patrice isn’t pushing her clients and community into purpose in one of her group training programs, she’s playing a smack-talking round of Uno with her husband, Gerald and newly minted teenage daughter, Reagan.

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