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By scheduling this call with Patrice and her team, I fully understand the following:

  • This is a call to determine what I need to breakthrough to my next level in business and see if Patrice is the coach and Purpose 2 Platform or Command the Stage are the programs to help me get there. This is not a “pick your brain” session or free coaching call because Patrice believes in providing deep transformation – not bandaids.


  • If my enrollment coach genuinely and honestly feels like Patrice can genuinely help me reach my goals AND if we both agree, we’re the right fit for one another, I will be invited to join the best program for where I am. If neither program is a good fit, they will be honest with me because they value my time.


  • Lastly, I understand that the purpose of this call is to help me make a decision about whether Purpose 2 Platform or Command the Stage is what I need next to help me build my brand, grow my business and walk in my purpose profitably. If I find that it is my next best step, I am in position to invest in myself and move forward confidently.

This Could Be Your Breakthrough

  • I am so grateful for the day I asked God, "What is next for my life?" and your Instagram ad came across my screen.
    I didn't know seven months later, I would share my dreams with you and you would help my husband and I bring them to life so powerfully.

    Herdyne M.
    Herdyne M.
  • Finally filled in the gaps!
    I'm an accountant who works with non-profit organizations to understand how their numbers translate to additional funding. Before joining P2P my focus was creating videos for clients to use for independent learning but what I've since realized is before people could learn on their own they needed direction on WHY they even needed to know the information. This 'aha' alone led to the creation of a new course at 2x what I would have ever thought to charge!

    CPA, CNRG Accounting Advisory
    CPA, CNRG Accounting Advisory
  • I now feel confident about who I am as a woman and entrepreneur.
    After joining Purpose to Platform, many of the limiting beliefs I had about myself and my idea have been eradicated! I feel confident about who I am as a woman and entrepreneur. I feel confident about the value I add to my beautiful community of women. My message and delivery are clear about the retreat and why women should attend. Also, after advertising my retreat for just 1 month, I’m almost full thanks to the guidance and systems I learned here! Women are interested and choosing to heal! I’m truly grateful for this process and program. Thank you, Patrice!

    Relationship Expert & Trauma Recovery Consultant
    Relationship Expert & Trauma Recovery Consultant
  • I couldn't imagine experiencing wins like this before!
    I am so grateful to have found Patrice and Purpose 2 Platform. The course is easy to follow and so well organized. It has brought me so much clarity on my purpose and how I want to contribute to the world. I have had so many positive shifts since starting the course that has lead me to wins I couldn't imagine before. What I really love is the wealth of info given and shared not only by Patrice but all the women in the group to help us all succeed with our purpose. The weekly Friday calls are GOLDEN! After every call I come away with something that helps me move even faster towards the call and all the encouragement has done wonders for the belief in myself! Thank you! I really appreciate you and what you so much!

    Author, This Real Life Books
    Author, This Real Life Books

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