Patrice Washington Presents…

Results - NOT Resolutions

The Ultimate Virtual Event Revealing How To: Redefine Wealth For Yourself, Experience Fulfillment, And Earn More Without Chasing Money Ever Again

A 2-Day Virtual Event For Those Who’ve Outgrown Superficial Success, And Are Longing To Break Free From The Exhausting Denial Of Their True Desires

It’s Time To Redefine Success!

December 12th & December 13th
5-8pm EST

What Will You Learn?

What you can expect to learn in 2 days:

  • How to integrate the six pillars of success: Fit, People, Space, Faith, Work, And Money, to create a holistic blueprint for your life.

  • How to set meaningful goals within a 90-day framework for tangible and sustainable results.

  • How to avoid burnout and pursue your goals with intention and abundance mindset.

  • Strategies to redefine wealth and success on your terms, so you can live your life’s purpose and still earn abundantly.

  • Tools to design authentic success, aligned with your true desires.

  • Networking opportunities with like-minded women for support and collaboration.

Plus, I’ll even show you the holistic blueprint which will enable you to go after what you want with true intention!

DAY #1

  • How to stop dreaming/desiring to reach your goals and actually create a system for hitting them.

  • Why SMART goals are NOT enough to help you reach success and what you can do immediately to make sure your goals are well-rounded enough so that you never feel like a success in one area of life and a failure in another.

  • My personal best-practices for creating goals that are fulfilling and contribute to both wealth and well-being.

DAY #2

  • The must-have levels of goal setting that most people miss completely and why it stops them from ever achieving what they say they want.

  • How to use the Six Pillars of Wealth to set your year up for more intention and effortless acceleration.

  • How to strategically plan your year in 90 day increments so that you can operate your purpose work from a place of soul and flow.

December 12th & 13th

5-8pm EST

What Makes Our Event Different?

We deliver a holistic strategy that will give you clarity when it comes to redefining your success! 

We create an environment for you to learn and connect with other ambitious women, building a supportive community. 

We provide powerful tools and materials that you can reference again and again! At our event, we focus on principles that will bring you REAL RESULTS!

YOUR Host?

Named by SUCCESS Magazine as one of the Top 25 Influential Leaders in Personal Development, Patrice Washington is a conscious thought-leader, award-winning podcaster, author, sought-after media personality, renowned transformational speaker and hope-restoring/tough-love coach on the PBS Telly Award winning television series, Opportunity Knock$.

As the founder of Redefining Wealth, Patrice has built a thriving international community of purpose-driven individuals committed to creating a powerful life weaving together the aspects of their careers, home, health, and personal finances. Through wise teachings and intuitive guidance, Patrice creates a safe environment for Purpose Chasers to dig deeper in exploring and understanding the obstacles that are prohibiting them from making progress. She empowers her international community to look at life through a lens of abundance and opportunity, instead of lack and scarcity.

Consistently called on by top national media outlets such as Good Morning America, CNBC, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, NBC, Essence Magazine, and more, Patrice is where personal development, spiritual growth and personal finance success converge to create a roadmap for your ultimate success.

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