​Sheri Riley: The Value of Being Present

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“Time and attention are the currency of the soul.” – Sheri RIley

In today’s society we are so bombarded with technology and communication that we think our presence is enough.

Just because our bodies are there doesn’t mean that we are. There’s no way that you can build a meaningful relationship if you’re trying to do a conference call, while trying to snap chat, post on Instagram and make the actual people in the room just props.

We need to take the time to step away from everything and engage in the people we are with.

Take the time to focus on them. Learn about their feelings, and what they want. Don’t be afraid to ask what you can do for them. That simple communication can make the world of difference.

Without these relationships we can’t feel fulfilled, so make them count.

On this episode we are joined by Sheri RIley. Sheri is the author of the award winning book, Exponential Living.

Download this episode today to hear deep insights about how you can start making yourself feel complete.

“I never end a meeting without saying ‘How can I be of service to you?’” – Sheri RIley

The Cliff Notes:

Many people have great external lives but still feel empty.
Most people spend 100% of their time on 10% of who they are.
Learned to live 100% of who you are.
So many people set big goals, and don’t realize when they hit them.
When you set your goals, make sure you are achieving the real element of success.
There’s a value in presence, not just being present.
We’re so afraid of really focusing in because we wonder what we will miss.
Relationships have dwindled down to we can mark it off that we met.
In existing relationships, hone in on what the other person wants.
People don’t have a problem with giving, just don’t be a taker.
We confuse work with value.
Work drains you, but maximizing elevates and energizes you.
When you’re always working, opportunities pass you by.
Don’t work just to check things off the list.
You have to filter other people’s opinions when they don’t know your vision.
It’s easy to get caught up in what other people are doing.
Comparison will steal your joy.
Happy is a choice, joy is a lifestyle.
Money comes and goes, know what really matters.

“Relationships are not about being equal, it’s about being reciprocal.” – Sheri Riley


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  • Denshai Lee

    The episode is when I started to share the podcast with my friends. I would text them “girl, you have to check this out!” Sheri’s quote “Time and attention are the currency of the soul” knocked me out of my business. I have become so much more present in my relationships. Existing relationships with my children, family and friends and because I am dating I really take time to be fully present and listen to the men I meet to see can I be a woman who adds value to his life. In my career as a Fashion Director I have reversed my view on leadership, I know ask my team members what can I do for you and I remind them when the deadlines are approaching to protect their energy. I have Sheri’s book on my Christmas list. Waiting to see if a friend will get it for me before I just leap and order on amazon. Thank you for the space you have created, Sheri is now one of my mentors, thank you Patrice for the introduction.

  • Kimberly_Coleman

    The point that she made about reciprocity in friendships really made me reevaluate my expectations.

  • Cherell Cottrell-Daniels

    This episode ties into “The Power of No Comparison” episode. Focusing on what others are doing can distract you from opportunities and your purpose. It is important to remember that we all have a different journey and that we have to be present in at this moment, so that we don’t miss the lessons along the way.

  • LaKitia Woodard

    Loved this interview so much and there’s so many ah ha moments. I just had to share on my IG page. After listening to this podcast I realized that spending 100% of my time on 10% of who I am is not living my life to the fullest. So it’s time to really go ALL IN with just being who I am authentically and completely.

  • Veronica Green

    Sheri had me at, “Time and attention are the currency of the soul.” Because it is. Which is why Patrice says we should redefine wealth. It’s not all about the dollar bill. Once you have your mental space free and clear, then the money will surely follow. People will be flocking to you asking for collabs and the such. As usual, great info.

  • Benitra Aiken

    I listened to this podcast after finishing a 21 day meditation challenge, and it continued to drive home how important it is to be in the moment. My “AHA” was presence over being present. Since hearing the podcast, I now make sure to intentionally be engaged when my daughter shares her “tales of the 6th grade” with me 🙂 Focusing on presence over being present allows me to see what things I actually enjoy experiencing, and it helps me to be productive with my time. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of another girl’s chat with you and Sheri!

  • Tamisha Binky Williams

    I listened to this episode before going to a conference. It was so helpful to hear, “Relationships don’t need to be equal, they need to be reciprocal”. Often times I meet people in my field who I’d love to build a relationship with but often stop myself because I don’t think I have anything to offer them. This episode reminded me that what we share with each other might not be equal, but can be reciprocal. I need to remember that what I have to offer has worth.

  • Ashley Taylor

    A friend recommended me to read Sheri Riley book. After listening to this podcast, I made sure to add it to my amazon cart lol. So many gems came out of this epsiode. What resonated with me is ” Most people spend 100% of their time on 10% of who they are.” Start living on 100% of who you are. Love it!!

  • Nikia

    My aha was My reality vs my truth. I can’t even go into details about what this just awakened in me (the 2nd time I listened to it today at the gym.) I’ve spent the last 3 months focused on my reality but when I started focusing on my truth I realized my reality wasn’t even that bad! This is just a season….

  • Brittany

    Guilty of always trying to multitask and missing the opportunity to truly be presence in the moment. Thanks for discussing this topic!

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