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It’s time to redefine wealth on your own terms!

You Should Focus On:


Focusing on cutting out clutter will help you claim more wealth and well-being in all aspects of your life.

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The next step on your money journey is all about organizing your space. Because the state of your space reflects how much you’re able to control and maximize your time. And as you know, time is money.

Most of us waste so much time looking for things we can’t find. How many times a day do you lose your keys or your phone?

No joke, the average American wastes 55 minutes a day in search of lost stuff. Whether it’s keys in a purse or a document on the cloud — you don’t have that kind of time to waste. Your energy is too precious for that.

Ever notice that it’s easier to feel like you’re in the flow when your space is clean and clear? That’s because cluttered space = cluttered mind. The easiest way to shift and uplift your energy is to change your environment. That way you can make space for so much more goodness to come your way, money included.

Where money’s concerned, let your space be your foundation. Protect your boundaries and be mindful about who you let into your world. Set up your space intentionally for the life you want to lead, so you can attract more of the things you want.

In order to follow your purpose and go after what you really want — cut out the clutter and simplify your life!

Money is just a currency after all. Creating a clean and clear space (and taking your time back) will keep you connected to your flow. That way money can flow to you with more ease and grace than you might imagine possible right now.

When you use your God-given gifts, intuition, and the things that come naturally to you — your life gets richer in every way.


My space is optimized to support me.

Wealth lies beyond just money so align my physical realm to match my desires. I understand that having a beautiful and productive space is essential in attracting wealth into my life. Clearing out the clutter makes room for peace, clarity and creativity of thought which I benefit from in many ways. Allowing my environment to be neat, uplifting and inspiring will promote positive energy in and out of me and transform my ideas into wonderful realities that bring not just money but true abundance in all forms. My space is like a prayer to the universe, affirming my readiness to receive abundance. Clutter clearing isn’t just clearing away physical stuff, it’s clearing my mental limitations and inviting peace and productivity into my creative brilliance. As I open myself up to raise the energy around me, the world responds and creates opportunities for me.

My space is optimized to support me.

Clear out the clutter with this customized prosperity podcast playlist!

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Redefine Wealth for Yourself.

Personal finance expert, America’s Money Maven turned go-to holistic lifestyle integrator, award-winning author, Patrice Washington has used her platform, The Redefining Wealth Podcast to teach millions that wealth is so much more than money and material possessions.

Now she’s written the template to make it plain and remove the mystery surrounding wealth so that it frees you to create a wealthy life your way.

Through stories, principles, and practical exercises based on her Six Pillars of Wealth, she guides you, step by step, through the process to create a life of peace, purpose, and prosperity.

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The Redefining Wealth Membership

In this game-changing group you’ll get the support, inspiration, and accountability you need to nourish all 6 wealth pillars: fit, people, space, faith, work and money.

The more you cultivate well-being in all 6 areas, the more alive you’ll feel. You’ll always have enough, because you’ll always know YOU are enough. So you can get out of feast or famine survival mode and the money will last. 

If you’re struggling with money, this group is here to lift you into limitless possibility. Discover a generous community of spirit-led and unstoppable ‘Purpose Chasers’ ready to grow with you.

Live your life’s true purpose, find fulfillment, and earn more without ever chasing money again.

Chase Purpose, Not Money

Because it doesn’t matter how much money you make if you don’t have a sense of purpose.

The truth is, ultimate financial success is NOT going to come from stress, struggle, and strife.

Focus on living intentionally and authentically. You’ll feel so much more prosperous right away. Your self-esteem will stop depending on your bank balance. You’ll know that you’re worthy no matter what.

Reminder: your money story doesn’t need to look like anyone else’s. We’re talking about your definition of wealth after all.

Now that you’re in my world, I’m here to be the sister friend who teaches you how to build prosperity with peace and purpose as your foundation.

So let’s keep this momentum going! I’m rooting for you, sister.

Can’t wait to watch you rise!