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It’s time to redefine wealth on your own terms!

You Should Focus On:


Focusing on making, managing, and multiplying money will help you claim more wealth and well-being in all aspects of your life.

Watch this short + sweet results recap to find more fulfillment + freedom when it comes to money.

Congrats are in order, friend! Your results suggest that you’ve done the work to receive abundance and you’re ready for it. 

Your life is firing on all cylinders (from your relationships with the people around you, with your space, with your faith, with your work, and with yourself).

You likely know in your bones that you need to seek wisdom to find wealth… and you’re ready to wise up when it comes to money. Your podcast playlist below is going to give you the tools to do just that!

In order to follow your purpose and go after what you really want — get still, silent, and tune into your intuition.

Discover the next chapter of your money story with these journaling prompts:

Once you have these answers for yourself, it’ll become so much easier to pave your own path… beyond expectations from society, culture, or even your family.

When you use your God-given gifts, intuition, and the things that come naturally to you — your life gets richer in every way.

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